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Search results

  1. Integra Spied For The Actual First Time!!

    Hatchback Si :stirthepot:
  2. 10th gen Si previous owner considering 11th gen for wife

    Spring 2022? I would wait for the Integra :cool:
  3. My New 2022 Civic Touring (Meteorite Gray)

    Do these come with spare tires or just air compressors?
  4. @thesketchmonkey Fixed the 2022 Civic Hatchback

    Kept the faux exhaust tips?
  5. Is it really worth it to step up to the Touring?

    The Touring is being discussed a lot here because that's the one Honda wants to advertise the most since it has the most features, but make no mistake the cheaper the trim, the greater the portion of sales it will make up. If you aren't going to enjoy all the extra features of the Touring and...
  6. Which color is best?

    If the current car-buying trends continue the streets will be filled with nothing but greyscale crossovers. This is why I'm determined to advocate for anything that will #keepcarscolorful
  7. 2022 Civic Touring sedan side-by-side with FK8 Type R

    Didn't Honda do a refresh after only 1 year on the 9th gen because they realized it was initially too bland? Maybe history will repeat itself :hmm:
  8. Coming Soon - 2022 Civic First Drive Reviews (Preview Photos w/ HPD accessories)

    Hoping the actual performance versions will be more exciting to look at
  9. 2022 Civic Sedan Aegean Blue Metallic Spotted in Honda HQ Parking Lot.

    Warm up sure, but I won't be able to instantly recognize an 11th gen Civic on the road like I do a 10th gen. From afar I'll probably think, "What is that, an accord? A jetta?" They'll just blend into traffic now.
  10. Its Here! 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Official Pics, Videos and Specs

    While the honeycomb could grow on me, I can't see myself ever getting used to the joysticks protruding out at me
  11. How about an 11th gen Civic wagon?

    Looks sweet because that's a RS6 :thumbsup:
  12. Spied!! 2022 Civic Hatchback in Japan!!

    That 86 looking sick though
  13. 2022 Civic colors and trims revealed 🎨

    The continuation of the "Sport" trim suggests to me that they may continue offering a manual on trims other than just the Type-R and Si.
  14. 2022 Civic Hatchback Spied Again With New Wheels, Less Camo

    I find it strange Honda is going with the swoopy back-end on hatchbacks, although I realize that is the trend nowadays. However, you would think when they are simultaneously making both a sedan and hatchback bodystyle on the same platform, you would aim to make them as distinct as possible from...
  15. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    An original design is an original design. No one said Civics were rare or hard to find, but the 10th gen Civic styling is unique to itself. I said nothing of it being appealing or liking its appearance, determining that is subjective. However, Honda designed an original look for the 10th gen...
  16. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    Are you really going to try and argue the 10th gen styling was not original? Care to point out any other car it looked similar to when it was first released?
  17. World Debut: 11th Gen Honda Civic Prototype!

    Are we getting any specs tonight or just the visuals? My biggest dislike is definitely the corolla-like front bumper