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  1. Why is ordering/buying so difficult?

    Supply is an issue, and it seems even the 6 or so dealers near me have mostly White and Black in the various trims. Getting anything else is, for now, a matter of hunting. I sort of doubted the pandemic car supply issue at first, but I have been following the inventories of the 6 dealers...
  2. Meteorite gray vs Modern Steel vs Polished Metal

    I have a Modern Steel Metallic Accord and the Meteorite struck me as much more graphite looking than MSM, in person, as well.
  3. 2022 Civic Discounts

    I assumed we were all knew we were talking about the last part of the VIN, the sequential production number, as NONE of the VINS start with a 0, for any Honda.
  4. 2022 Civic Discounts

    Actually, every VIN number I have seen (USA) for Civics made in Canada started with a 2. Quite possibly they started with a 2 in that position for the first manufacturing runs. For the Japanese made 2022's, for the ones I've seen, the serial starts with a 0.
  5. 11th Gen Civic Trims & Specs from Honda Canada 🇨🇦

    Good info. What does PK mean? Were there any other insights that aren't in the marketing docs?
  6. I'm an owner! First 2022 Civic sold at Breakaway Honda

    The prices do not include installation.
  7. Official SONIC GREY 2022+ 11th Gen Civic Thread

    Morning mist is very close to Silver, with blue tint in it. In bright sun it looks close to silver. It has a lot of metallic. Sonic Gray has a lot more pigment, and is not metallic, more of a flat color.
  8. 2022 Civics are arriving at dealers (pics)

    Was quoted here, "in the 30's", and they wouldn't get more detailed on the quote until it comes in next week. There is only one gray Touring out of the 25 or so area dealers in the 50 mile radius or so. So for now, no alternatives other than to wait.
  9. 2022 Civics are arriving at dealers (pics)

    Oh, is that the "secret"? ;-) Maybe I need to start a new career!
  10. 2022 Civics are arriving at dealers (pics)

    Really? So the tinted windows were included without going above the MSRP price?
  11. 2022 Civics are arriving at dealers (pics)

    Sonic Gray, right? Looking to buy the exact combo. I assume you paid over MSPR? How much over that did you have to pay?