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Search results

  1. 11th Civic Hatchback Red Metallic R565M

    yep I was there for a month and everything is a lot closer together. I actually prefer it that way because I was able to literally walk anywhere I wanted and felt totally safe doing it
  2. Mugen 2022 Civic Hatchback (11th Gen) First Looks!!

    I feel like this gen really toned it back and vehicles seems to have more European styling. I don't think its a bad thing but definitely not for me as I notice evolution. Im sure the target market wouldn't even care one shred about the overall looks of the car or the performance aspect of it...
  3. Next Civic Type R Spied Testing in Southern Europe

    I hope it uses the same wheel spec as the previous gen. Im selling the R soon and may keep my TE37 limited run wheels just incase I decide to buy
  4. Next Civic Type R Spied Testing in Southern Europe

    Looks finally starting to grow on me. Im still not a fan of the taillights, but everything else looks promising so far...even with camo on. For some reason it looks AWD to me