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Search results

  1. Everyone makes a guess of the new 2022 Si horsepower number!

    210* but will feel like 180 and be slower than the 10th gen by .5 seconds. #overit
  2. Acura Integra will have Manual transmission

    Yep...definitely getting an integra lol
  3. Honda Teases 2022 Honda Civic Si Racing Model!!

    I do too..and its sad because this last one should go out with a bang! The whole 11th generation has left me disappointed 😞 except the type r. Im glad the integra is a 5dr cause this Civic ain't it!
  4. Honda Teases 2022 Honda Civic Si Racing Model!!

    Honda is lame...and so is this "Si" Jesus take the wheel. Reveal the damn thing already
  5. Is the ALL NEW 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback 6-speed manual WORTH the PRICE?

    He has driven the car...hus driving impressions are embargoed until 10/12
  6. 2022 Civic Hatchback now on Honda Canada website

    Dude me too!!! I am low-key PISSED that the ST 6MT gets only 3 basic, boring ass colors...but once I got a whiff that this integra would offer a 6MT I literally stop giving a damn. LOL. Still mad, but as long as Acura doesn't pull this limited color BULLSHIT with the Integra I'm good with it.
  7. New 2023 Integra details (specs, pricing, features) from Acura Research Study

    With most Acura models...there is a Base, Tech, A Spec then Advance....so if the A spec continues to be trim number 3...chances are the Integra will start around 28-29k. 33.5k for an A spec is reasonable to me.
  8. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    Probably just A spec and if we are lucky Type S. Honda as of late has reserved the manuals for the sporty models.
  9. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    I Every Acura model has an A-spec model now I think. TLX, RDX and even MDX have them..so I'm not surprised that an A-Spec Integra could exist. It sounds like a nicer alternative to the CIvic Hatch ST. I got my fingers crossed that a Integra Type S will offer a manual!
  10. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    You and me both...its like the Civic dont even matter no more LOL
  11. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    some guy on C&D just posted this about the upcoming Integra, I'd take it with a grain of salt but who knows: If any of this is true...there is no way...no way I'm buying a Civic. Crossing my fingers the Type S has a 6MT. 33.5K sounds bout right considering the ST Civic is about 31-32K with...
  12. 2022 Si in Silver...RIP...(poll inside)

    Since the 6MT has been offered on the ST its only been available in 3 colors...can't base the sells of the car off any other colors if they only ever came in three.
  13. 2022 Si in Silver...RIP...(poll inside)

    This very shit is the reason Honda probably wont be getting my money. No silver or metorite gray on the SI...And 3 boring ass colors on the ST 6MT. Honda does some stupid ass shit.
  14. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    My thoughts? Well, I was already uncertain about getting a new Civic SI or a hatchback...both seem to be too much of a compromise IMO. SI probably wont have the feature set I want and its a sedan...ST has more content but the color selection for the 6MT is limited to 3 basic colors. At this...
  15. Acura Integra Confirmed by Acura to be 5 door!!

    Gotta give it to you. You were 100 percent right!
  16. 2022 Civic Si Test Mules Spotted Testing With Current Si Sedan

    12th gen SI is probably gonna be a hybrid lol...or electric if we get one at all.
  17. Something not being talked about much

    The INTEGRA would be my guess honestly...dont want that pesky lil Civic Sport Touring pulling a faster 0 to 60 or close to it to the Integra...just look up all the TLX 2.0T vs Accord 2.0t races and IMO there lies ur answer.