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Search results

  1. 📸 2022 Civic Type R Spied Inside & Out (First Interior Shots)! 265/30/19 tires revealed.

    so the seats, seatbelts, alcantara wrapped steering wheel are the only things different about the type R interior?
  2. This can’t be right?!?!? 😳 Automatic Type R??

    6MT exclusivity keeps the car rather uncommon and special feeling. I think it’s cool AF that Honda still caters to the enthusiast to some level in sacrifice of profit. But that’s been going out the window for a few years now. I’ll be upset if they offer an automatic type R, but it wouldn’t...
  3. Mugen Reveals 2022 Civic Hatchback Body Kit & Accessories

    I’ll be ecstatic when gloss black accents out of style. Black roofs too
  4. 11th Gen Civic Hatchback short video White, Sonic Gray and Metallic red

    Must be only when in neutral at a light. Pushing the clutch pedal in might crank it back on.
  5. Assembly Lube or Oil Leak or Both?

    I had a leak coming from my passenger half-shaft support bearing. It was Green/Yellow in color. Turned out to be grease from the bearing and the half-shaft was replaced under warranty. The grease was getting hot and turning into a liquid and leaking out of the bearing seals. No drivability...
  6. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    I saw the vehicle it most resembles on my way to work today. The Eclipse Cross.
  7. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    I thought the entire bar across the back would light up like the 10th gen coupe. What is this garbage? Fake exhaust tips make me sick. This might be worse than the 10th gen fake vents.
  8. Morning Mist Blue 2022 Civic Real-World Sighting

    The second picture that is not in the sun is more of a grey-blue, looks better. This comes from someone who does not like SGP or Aegean blue. They look great in certain light, horrible in others.
  9. 2022 Civic Sedan Pricing Starts at $21,700 and Goes on Sale June 16!

    The upgraded sound system in the 10th gen is a 10 speaker system, but I didn’t say the speakers were great. Heavy bass music is not going to sound good. I think mids and highs sound alright tho.
  10. 2022 Civic Sedan Pricing Starts at $21,700 and Goes on Sale June 16!

    What about getting them stripped and refinished for around 600$?
  11. 2022 Civic Sedan Pricing Starts at $21,700 and Goes on Sale June 16!

    The Si got the upgraded sound system in the 10th gen. It’s not unlikely.
  12. 2022 Civic Sedan prototype spied

    It’s so fricken looooong. Is this the Honda Avalon?
  13. Now See The 11th Gen Civic SEDAN Revealed In Patent Images

    I see nothing innovative here, just cues from other Honda products and other brands. I’m relieved because i’ll be enjoying my 10th gen for awhile. I’m sad because the 10th gen civic was the coolest looking car on the road at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. This design is conservative...
  14. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    I really hope I hate the 11th gen. I really don’t want to have to buy a civic with honda sensing.
  15. FS: SOCAL capless fuel cover

    I can confirm that it fits the 2017 coupe. For some reason Honda doesnt have it in their parts system that it is for 2017+. I think this is just a mistake that was never fixed. Also, the “Premium unleaded fuel recommended” sticker does not come with it. I need to hunt down that sticker in...
  16. WTB: 2019+ OEM Halogen Headlight Assemblies

    yeah, i believe only the new sport models got the blacked out halogens in 2019.