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  1. 2023 Civic Type R Official Teaser From Honda!! "Ready for Nurburgring Testing."

    I didn’t read the 8 pages here, but Honda of Japan already said 400+HP and the rear motors from the NSX. I’m considering one for a daily and no mods if all the statements are true. https://allaboutcarsph.com/2022-honda-civic-type-r/ I think the MSRP will be 45-50 range. USD
  2. First 2022 Civic sedan driving impressions / reviews roll in

    I know we don't have any figures for power output on the SI & R but I knew the new car would gain curb weight. Even the Type R trim will need a substantial tuning update to overcome and meet the specs of the 10th generation build. It will be interesting how the market demand is if in deed it is...
  3. Have a 2022 Civic Touring: Ask Me Anything! 🙋🏻‍♂️

    I thought I saw a press release the us had heated steering wheels also. Not that it matters on a Type R. biggest want I had on the type r was the side mirror cameras for lane changes etc nice feature that should be standard on all Honda’s. Not even my2021 touring Accord has it, but I do live...

    All type R were UK.

    I’m not worried about it, just stating that it doesn’t look like a Type R to me. Not knocking it for those that prefer a tame look. The downside is it’s made in the states not from the plant that made them for 25 years in Swindon. Hence why I think the Gen X is soaring for more than they sold...

    Glad I got the last Gen out of Swindon. The forehead under the hood is awful. I’d expect power to come in around 350/350 due to likely increased weight. Other than the huge forehead on the car the interior is so uninspired as well. Hopefully the final product looks better than the renderings.

    Not feeling it, looks like "are we a Honda BMW R" - Not near as sleek at the 10th gen looks IMO. This is likely for the 2025 model work though and the Type R will have to be hybrid by 2025 with the rest of the honda lineup to be able to say all of there vehicles are hybrid, which was accelerated...
  8. Get UP TO $500 OFF MSRP on Borla Exhaust Systems

    The Borla does not have any drone in the cabin at cruising speeds. There's a reason it's more expensive than most, and you can tell the organ pipe info in their YT video makes accurate sense to how they achieved that once you hear it on the highway. I listened and read up significantly to every...
  9. Get UP TO $500 OFF MSRP on Borla Exhaust Systems

    It’s a cat back and zero drone. The plates come with each exhaust and can be switched easily I have never used the plates as essentially they are not needed due to proper design by borla. I have mine with no plates and no drone. There’s not much change in downpipe performance so the borla is the...
  10. Get UP TO $500 OFF MSRP on Borla Exhaust Systems

    Ok gotcha, I thought borla only distributed to certain suppliers at least that’s what I was told when I called last year. Even at that price I’m only about $200 lower than what I paid last year after tax and shipping so I don’t feel bad missing out on the $200 in 2019. You will love the exhaust...
  11. Get UP TO $500 OFF MSRP on Borla Exhaust Systems

    You can see the sales prices on their distributors websites just click on them. I highly doubt $1500 and change for the CF one, I can’t imagine they made a whole warehouse of them for the Type R. They all show sale price of $1734.99 + tax and shipping. 1500 and change for the CF would with tax...
  12. Get UP TO $500 OFF MSRP on Borla Exhaust Systems

    I have this one on my Type-R and love it: https://www.borla.com/products/civic_type_r_catback_exhaust_atak_part__140738cfba.html looks like all the sellers have it for sale for about $375 off MSRP. I didn’t do the math just a quick glance. However I recall I only paid 1900 and change with tax...
  13. FS CF Honda oil cap

    Not sure what to ask $100 OBO PM me if interested.
  14. FS: Type R interior OEM carbon fiber style trim and shift knob

    What is your offer for the shift knob alone?
  15. WTB: Rear Waffles For CTR with waffles cut out

    If you have a set not cut you replaced by another cover I may have a slight interest in those as well. Basically I like the cut out look of the OEM ones, but I don't have the tools nor trust my skills to make them look as nice as what I've seen on the forums here. PM me if you're interested in...
  16. FS: Type R interior OEM carbon fiber style trim and shift knob

    No the aluminum trim isn't a part of the carbon fiber style OEM dash inserts. If you want a red trim kit I've seen them on amazon.
  17. FS: Type R interior OEM carbon fiber style trim and shift knob

    OEM replacement trim “Civic Type R” for your Honda Civic to obtain the Type R look for your Civic, Civic Type R 2017-2019 Shift Knob & Interior Carbon Fiber Style Trim Panels OEM. 100% Genuine Type R parts. 
6 pieces total. $300 OBO