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Search results

  1. 1983 Honda Civic 1300 Hatchback 1.3L automatic

    My older sister was looking to buy the same car back in 83 but she bought a Mazda GLC instead
  2. Honda Confirms 2022 Civic Si Will Be Sedan Only

    They’ve always had a SI coupe and sedan and since the coupe is existence you would figure they would have a SI hatchback too offer two different body types. Over this past weekend I stopped at a dealership to see the 2022 civic I’ll wait until the hatchback comes out to see what it offers
  3. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    I’ll agree. I’ll also add similar to a 2014 Elantra rear too well at least the taillights from that angle
  4. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    Those wheels looks like something Isuzu used to put on their cars o_O
  5. 2018 Si Coupe for sale

    Wish you luck with your Toyota :thumbsup:
  6. What do you guys predict the 11th gen Si will be like?

    Agreed they probably will keep the coupe but only in the SI model but go with a dual clutch auto there’s a lot of people that want a coupe that’s affordable
  7. Revised SiriMoto Phase 2 Strut Bar!

    I’ll be ordering one as soon as I get my tax return
  8. Revised SiriMoto Phase 2 Strut Bar!

    Looks great looks factory
  9. Revised SiriMoto Phase 2 Strut Bar!

    I was reading some of the comments on the installation of this strut bar on you tube a few comments were it rubs the hood underneath is this true