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Search results

  1. Window Sticker for 2022 Civic Sedan Sport 2.0L

    Think it depends on the state too. I’m in Indiana and asked one of the salesmen directly if I’d have to pay a destination fee and he said no, and this was on a new 2021 Civic Sport
  2. Official RALLYE RED 2022+ 11th Gen Civic Thread

    I wonder how much extra the HPD variation will be 🤔
  3. 2022 Civic Sedans Built & Ready to Ship (Exterior/Interior Shots)

    These are growing on me. Was looking to get my first civic in the 10th generation because of the sporty look but highly considering one of these now.
  4. 2022 Civic Sedan Pricing Starts at $21,700 and Goes on Sale June 16!

    i wonder how much the HPD package will be. Looks like it has black sideskirts, blacked out emblems, and a few other cool add ons I can’t think of right now.