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  1. 2022 Sonic Gray Pearl Touring Sedan gets Tint + Ceramic Coat

    Just had my tint and ceramic coating done late last week! Tint is Formula One Pinnacle, 50% on sides and back. I'll have the same shop do the windshield in Llumar Air 80% late this week/early next. I might have gone one shade lighter on the tint given the black interior but I love the look of...
  2. Insane market value adjustments everywhere

    Are dealers in those countries owned/operated by the manufacturer? Here in the US dealers are considered franchises and can do just about whatever they want with pricing unfortunately.
  3. Mugen Reveals 2022 Civic Hatchback Body Kit & Accessories

    Anybody know if the MDA wheels will fit the new Civic?
  4. [PSA] Watch out for the new wipers, as paint quality still very cheap

    I think I see what you mean--so when you lift the wiper blade, say to wash underneath it, correct? I guess it's important to always put the wipers in the service position when moving them manually.
  5. [PSA] Watch out for the new wipers, as paint quality still very cheap

    Oh yeah I've made some comments on the other forum about those videos. How did your chips happen? Can you share a video of how they rub against the edge?
  6. [PSA] Watch out for the new wipers, as paint quality still very cheap

    Hey irok! I assume both of these areas are at the top of the hood, closest to the windshield?
  7. Video Walkaround: 2022 Civic Hatchback (XL) in Sonic Gray Pearl

    It's a built-in transponder for the Japanese toll roads (Singapore has something similar). You put your pre-loaded bank card in the slot and it reads/pays automatically when you pass a gantry. Here's more info on ETC 2.0: https://www.furuno.com/en/its/articles/20171026/
  8. California Dealers?

    Thanks Valken!
  9. California Dealers?

    Can anyone recommend dealers/salespeople in California?