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  1. Integra Spied For The Actual First Time!!

    Relax people, it’s an inteGRA. If it was an INTEGRITY, it would have been a MKV Jetta TDI.

    Roger that! On the Jetta TDI I had TPMS sensors in the wheels; they were a pain in the ass. If you’re not careful while putting air in them you can break them off and have a flat tire in seconds.

    Dude. I was looking at that screen and saw the "fourth page" icon at the bottom and couldn't figure a way to get through that. Dohhhh! Maybe now I'll be able reset my oil interval, LOL! Maybe even my radio presets! :v

    No, I've meant to take into the stealership to have it fixed, but it's 45 miles up the road. How does one "recalibrate" their TPMS? I've worked with them in Volkswagens and their rigid valve stem concoculations, but I think the Honda uses wheel rotations v.s. tire size to calculate low tire...
  5. R.T.F.N. LOL

    In aviation we have a term, "Read The F*#@Kin Notes" when it comes to instrument approach plates, charts, manuals, etc. My first ECU reflash was a bit of a sticky wicket, but in the end it went well. Having used VAG-COM on a VW TDI, flashing lights, bells and whistles and what not are not...
  6. Has anyone used the Hondata +6 PSI tune on CVT with Regular Fuel

    After I did the +6 tune for injen and cat back, I tried the high octane/no ethanol, at our local chain. The results, at least in how I felt about driving with that tank of gas were meh. Then I tried a tank of E15, 88 Octane. Things seemed to come together with that fuel. I now run it in my...

    Mine's been illuminated since I took it off the lot, tires are 4lbs over what the door sill sticker says.
  8. Will there be 11th Gen MTs?

    Towing, the DSG transmission could tow quite a load. For the Jetta, the US Volkswagen does not issue specs, you have to go to the European Volkswagen to get the towing specs.
  9. Will there be 11th Gen MTs?

    I spent 7 years maintaining and driving a 2010 VW TDI with the DSG transmission. That transmission was a lot of fun to drive, smooth as silk. But, with that, there was the 40K service, 800 bucks at the dealership, not so much at home if one had the VAGCOM interface. I've not liked the CVT...
  10. FlashPro E85 Flex Fuel Power Package!

    I bought mine from you guys, I wanted to drive the car with the regular ECU tune for the bolt ons for a bit just to give her a shakedown cruise. Hondata did not disappoint, no surprise there. I’ll try within the next two weekends to install the E 85 conversion, looking forward to interesting...