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  1. 2022 Civic Hatchback Digitally Revealed!

    Oh, someone already mentioned it...the complete, I guess, photoset. https://www.civicxi.com/forum/threads/2022-civic-hatchback-rear-first-revealed-look.49869/
  2. 2022 Civic Hatchback Digitally Revealed!

    Or...this 11th gen hatchback civic leak...
  3. ALL NEW GEN11 CIVIC SEDAN first real shot in the wild! 😍

    The front of the white 11th Gen Civic that @vv16811 shared ... to me at least, reminds me of the current-gen Toyota Camry front. The rear looks pretty sleek, but not a fan of the front.
  4. 2022 Civic Type R Info & Rendering. Will Have Manual Transmission and Upgraded 2.0L Turbo Engine

    I was really hoping there would've been a Si Hatch for the 10th Gen. It really needed the LSD. If they're going to bring an Si Hatch to the table, either manual or DCT, I'd trade my Sport Hatch. (Though I really love the aggressive angles on the 10th Gen...gonna miss it if the day does come)
  5. 8 Facts To Know About the 2022 Honda Civic

    Oh please release a Hatchback Si ... :bow: IMO perfect stop gap between the 'regular' Hatchback, and the Type-R. (Really wished the 10th Gen Hatchback had the LSD and Adaptive suspension)
  6. New 2022 Civic XI Sedan Renderings (Motor1)

    Sad to see the Civic Coupe disappear, event though I own a Hatchback. The option to pick from THREE different body styles sedan/coupe/hatch was something neat Honda offered. Another thought, looking forward to a Si Hatchback...if the GenXI is good, might consider trading my in my GenX (The...
  7. TSP 2019 Black Friday Sale - Part 1! (Save 10% on PRL, free tune offer!)

    What fantastic timing! I am just planning on getting a PRL intake + TSP Stage 1 Tune. :bow: