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Search results

  1. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Can confirm my girl loves the dual ac in the 10th gen si, ice cold Antarctica for her side and a nice cool breeze for my side lmao
  2. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Honestly, it’s not that bad looks wise. Just wish it wasn’t the sport trim wheels, needs a lip, a better diffuser and non-recycled 10th gen seats. The rev match is amazing for someone who’s knew to standard like me. The type r knob is also a plus, and it’s leather wrapped so you won’t loose your...
  3. 2023 Civic Type R Official Teaser From Honda!! "Ready for Nurburgring Testing."

    She's looking wider which means she's gonna look really good and meaner on some wheels, planning on upgrading to an 11th gen CTR from my '18 Civic SI