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  1. Cruise Control Issues

    My Si will randomly shut off then wont let me restart it until after I turn the car off and back on. Its extremely frustrating with my 65mi interstate commute. I clean the area in front of the camera basically every fuel stop
  2. Just got my 2022 Si today

    I'm not sure what's more offensive, the $5k ADM or the fact they want $600 to fill the tires with Nitrogen. Does price that come with a whole Nitrogen Tank?
  3. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I was going to try, I know the 10th gen GS class guys typically run the OEM Accord end links cause they're cheap.
  4. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    My Doc fee was $199, License/Registration was $75, and tax was only $978 after my trade in was subtracted. Total cost was $30,352 before trade in/down payment
  5. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    It is just the bar a lot of the 10th gen Si guys run for GS class. It's fairly inexpensive.
  6. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I'm planning on adding a Whiteline FK8 Rear sway bar, and Motegi MR131s in Bronze. Gotta keep it mostly stock for SCCA GS Autocross.
  7. The 2022 Honda Civic Si Joins The Dealer Price Markup Circus - Article

    Just wanted to comment that I took delivery of my Si last week for MSRP. So they can be found, the dealer I got mine from has 4 people already lined up for their next allocations though.
  8. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    My GTI was only fun when you pushed it very hard, and it was overkill for street driving.
  9. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    Before I settled on the Si, I was shopping for a FK8. However, with a little one on the way, I just couldn't stomach that high of a monthly car payment since the market went absolutely bonkers. I should have bought the brand new 2021 I was looking at back in April for $1k over MSRP, but I was...
  10. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I personally would buy the Si again. My modified GTI was faster than a Type R in a straight line, and could also keep up on a twisty road. The performance capability of it was higher than a stock Velobster N. The added cost of going to an Elantra N doesn't seem worth it to me, especially if its...
  11. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I also want to add, if you already own a 10th Gen Si, I don’t know if it will be enough of a change for you to jump ship to this one. IMO the 11th Gen feels more playful, and eager to do fun car stuff. However if you rank the 10th Gen Si as a 10/10, the 11th Gen is a 10.5/10 for how it feels to...
  12. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I want to preface this review by first acknowledging that I went into the purchase of this car without having a test drive of it. However, since it is an evolution of the 11th gen Civic Si (2017-2020) and the overwhelming positive reviews, I was confident I would like it. I also was trading in...
  13. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    I'd prefer a better stereo over heated seats since they're cloth. It also doesn't get too cold down by me.
  14. Downgrade from 2021 Type R to SI

    What parts do you love about your FK8, and what do you not like? I drove my buddies FK8 the same day I took delivery of my Si. I personally would take the FK8 over the Si. However, I plan on doing lots of autocross and track days so for me the benefits of the FK8 are more apparent. If you don't...
  15. Got my black 2022 Si this week - first impressions after 90 miles

    I find it significantly better than any of the used 10th gen SIs that I test drove before landing on the 11th gen. Its similar to the Fender Audio set up I had in my MK7 GTI.
  16. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    The 10th Gen adaptive dampers suck. Not soft enough in normal, not stiff enough in sport to help out in Autocross. Give me decent fixed dampers any day over crappy adaptive ones.
  17. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    Imagine paying $31k+ Tax, Title, License, and other fees for a used 2020 Si that looks like a Civic Sport that was modified by a high schooler. We can cherry pick grievances on both sides. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to miss the heated seats from my MK7 GTI. However, I found a 2022 Si for...
  18. Coilover Availability for 2022

    Can you all also check to see if 10th Gen rear sway bars will work? I have a Si incoming and will be installing a big rear bar for autocross.