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Search results

  1. Integra Spied For The Actual First Time!!

    Meh whatever still saying its just a Honda Civic Hatchback
  2. Integra Spied For The Actual First Time!!

    Do you work for that second rate car reviewer TFL or something?
  3. Integra Spied For The Actual First Time!!

    Its probably a trim level for the Civic Hatchback, TFL is a crappy car reviewer and horrible source of car news, I wouldnt trust them at all

    i like the new steering wheel
  5. Enkei Racing Wheels | Free Shipping! | Financing Available!

    do you have PF01 Bright Silver in 18s
  6. Injen short ram intake black 1.5t

    you know its only $234 + Shipping for a new one http://www.procivic.com/pages-product_car_part_info/category-70_169/product-301/index.html