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  1. Looking for better front brake pads for a '22 Civic Si.

    I've been researching what size calipers the new Si is using. Honda usually use off the shelf brake parts for much of their line-up with exception to the Brembo stuff for the Acura TL, NSX, and Type R. Anyone know the size of the CRV or Accord front calipers and pads?
  2. My Sonic Gray Pearl 2022 Civic hatch build - lowered on H&R sports, Gram Lights 57dr, Ktuner + PRL Stage 1

    What's the benefit of the rear motor mount upgrade? Shift engagement at high rpms?
  3. In transit time, eta unknown?

    When I "ordered" my Si, I was told the the dealership was getting 2 cars allocated to them about a month apart. I filled out a little bit of paperwork and put a refundable $500 deposit. A week or two later I got a call from the sales guy that my car was going to be shipped and would arrive at...
  4. Factory Shop Manual?

    Does anyone know if Honda has produced a factory shop manual yet for the 2022 Civics, specifically for the Si?
  5. Looking for better front brake pads for a '22 Civic Si.

    Carbotech was a popular pad to use the Honda Challenge guys ran when NASA ran this series several years ago.
  6. Looking for better front brake pads for a '22 Civic Si.

    Thank you for checking. It almost looks like the 10th gen (top picture?) has slightly more pad material. I've also never seen a backing plate shaped like the pads in the bottom picture. At any rate, it can't be too long before Hawk, Porterfield, etc. make pads for these cars.
  7. How to installation instructions mud guard’s for civic 2022

    Installed mine the same way without cutting the fender liner. I took the rear wheels off to make the installation a bit easier. I think both front and rear splash guards were less than $80 from Honda. Very easy installation.
  8. Headlight schematics?

    I had the hood open on mine yesterday and noticed only one plug as far as I could tell. This is the first car I've owned with LED headlights. I assume if a diode (?) goes out, you have to replace the whole assembly?
  9. Si seems impossible to find at dealers?

    I believe all 2022 Civic Si's and all Civic sedans in North America are made in Ontario Canada at the Alliston plant.
  10. Skunk2 Pro-ST coilovers on 2022 Civic Sedan

    Looks great! What are your driving impressions?
  11. Looking for better front brake pads for a '22 Civic Si.

    Back when I had my '97 GSR, I put Accord wagon front calipers along with Porterfield R4S pads with stainless steel brake lines and really liked the firm brake pedal, initial bite, and overall braking performance. With my new Civic Si, I'm looking just to replace the front pads with a...
  12. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    4.15% sales tax (VA), Doc fee $499 I believe, title/tags about $75 on top of the destination fee. PWP paint is $395 upcharge so my OTD price was a bit over $30k. I contacted 10 dealerships in the Richmond/Va Beach, and NOVA areas. Mechanicsville Honda (Page Auto Group) was the only one willing...
  13. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    Looking at the Whiteline website, the end links are a separate item. Can you run the stock end links with the FK8 bar?
  14. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    Interested on what you think of the FK8 rear sway bar. Found out the stock wheels are HEAVY after installing splash guards today. Looking at lightweight wheels as we speak...
  15. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I haven't driven the Elantra N or N line but I'm sure they are great machines. I've said this before, but the Civic Si is a great drivers car. In stock form, it won't win any drag races, but the shifter is excellent, handles great and is comfortable. The interior is a nice place to be and if you...
  16. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    SPOT on with your assessment of the 11th generation civic si. My experience very much parallels yours right down to the color of the car. I have owned a 3g Integra GSR 4g CRX Si and a 2005 Accord. I bought mine 3 weeks ago and have put about 1000 miles on mine. The more I drive it, the more I...
  17. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    Maybe to inflate the overall higher numbers? My butt dyno doesn't jive with the ~225 horsepower claim from some of the dyno-tested cars we are seeing online.
  18. Project "Wednesday" Murdered Out 2022 Civic Sport Touring

    Looks great! As a former black 3g GSR owner your civic looks nicely modified.
  19. Hondata FlashPro Civic 2022 Si+ Turbo 1.5 US | CARB Tunes

    Gotcha and thanks. Anything else between the two other than rev hang?