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  1. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I did not! Not interested in Subie reliability and I have a family of 4, so I need the space of the Civic. BRZ' are quick autocross cars when set up for STX of SSC, not so much in DS where the FK8 dominates them.
  2. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I'm in the mountains of western North Carolina. If you go FWD, you will want an LSD machine. That is a great feature on the switchbacks. The only drawback of LSD cars on windy roads is that you will ALWAYS come up on someone who thinks they are zipping along, while you're sit behind them...
  3. The 2022 Honda Civic Si Joins The Dealer Price Markup Circus - Article

    I am keeping my 2019 CTR. It's my toy! I do not have the Si yet. March 2022 delivery. My daily had a major mishap so I'm driving my '87 FX16 now. Runs great, but old, bouncy (lowered suspension and LSD), loud, and no A/C. It will work until the Si arrives. I won't drive the CTR in bad...
  4. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    I have autocrossed a Veloster N was quite impressed with it. The seat, pedal, shifter was just not quite up to pare with my Type R. Because of my experience with that Veloster N, I looked at the Elantra N Line to replace my daily driver. The N Line has the bells and whistles, but no LSD. LSD...
  5. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    Wow! Lots of opinions her on both sides. Unfortunately, I am needing to replace my daily driver. My daughter rolled my 2013 Focus sedan. It was a 5 speed manual. She is okay and now a better driver! I put a deposit on a 2022 Si on December 3rd. I should see it this summer. Yeah, its a...
  6. VTEC.. is this for real?

    Yes, the Type R has VTEC on the exhaust side. You have a turbo pumping in air/fuel on the intake side so the VTEC is there to help those exhaust gases get removed at a similar rate. Sounds like the same concept is being employed on the Si.
  7. 2022 Civic SI: The price markups are coming

    :doh: My 2019 Type R was$36.5k including tax, title, and tag. That is just nuts!
  8. 2022 Civic Si - US vs CA features - HondaPro Jason

    There is no temperature gauge on the US spec either.:thumbsdown:
  9. The 2022 Honda Civic Si Joins The Dealer Price Markup Circus - Article

    Not just SoCal! You forgot the Caps Dot anti-theft protection. Micro dots to identify what car the parts came from after the car is long gone.
  10. Si firm ride. No adaptive dampers

    The features removed are related tot he international microchip shortage. A lot of other manufacturers are doing the same thing. Even $70k Tahoe's are being delivered without heated seats or heated steering wheels. The world has changed in the last two years. I'm disappointed those...
  11. The 2022 Honda Civic Si Joins The Dealer Price Markup Circus - Article

    The avatar is my 2019 Type R. It is my autocross toy. The Si will be a daily. If you only get one and can afford the Type R, Do it! The Type R is an amazing machine!
  12. The 2022 Honda Civic Si Joins The Dealer Price Markup Circus - Article

    Just spoke with my local Honda salesman. They are selling at MSRP plus $1,999 dealer installed options. They have 3 coming between now and summer, all sold already. Good thing I don't need a car now! Might be able to negotiate some of the dealer installed options to include some HPD items...
  13. Civic Hatchback Tailgate Spoiler

    That looks like it is the line of sight out the back. I would be nice to see a shot of the rear view mirror with that back there.
  14. 2022 Civic Type R Spied in Best Looks Yet! 📸

    Looks like current Type R brakes front and rear.