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Search results

  1. Classy Si vs Mad Max WRX

    Here is the rear bumper. Here is stock radio.
  2. Anyone cross shopping a '22 BRZ/86?

    This ^^. This comparison really is apples and oranges if you ask me. Si is a great daily driver, heck you can carpool to work with other people. The GR86/BR-Z have been compared to the S2000 (personally speaking I have a high bar for the S2k and think that is an insult). It is a more driver...
  3. Classy Si vs Mad Max WRX

    The Si is lighter, has a diff, will likely handle better (both will understeer at their limits), has a much better interior, much better radio and more than likely will be a heck of a lot more reliable. The Si doesn't have the protrusion you mention in the rear bumper (alas Toyota C-HR) and that...
  4. Just got my 2022 Si today

    Congrats man. Aegean Blue, right?
  5. Si seems impossible to find at dealers?

    Funny I saw this too, maybe it's the same car we both looked it. A bit too far for me. https://www.hondacityli.com/inventory/new-2022-honda-civic-si-sedan-high-performance-tires-fwd-4d-sedan-2hgfe1e58nh470870/
  6. 2022 Civic alarm going off, no reason.

    Sounds about right. You purchased the car the sales guy job is done. He'll point you to the service side. The service side will say "well the order said install an alarm so we did, go speak to the sales guy." Been there done that. And you wonder why people despise dealerships. Good luck, if you...
  7. 2022 Civic alarm going off, no reason.

    When you discover the dealer put in aftermarket alarm and cut OEM wiring..... bad bad bad. I hope it all works out for you man. I'd make a big stink about that.
  8. Rallye Red 11th gen Civic Si delivered

    Very nice. I really like this red on the Civic, though I prefer the Red on the Accord which has a more grown up look. This is an attention grabbing red, that is for sure.
  9. Civic Sedan Hybrid? spotted testing in Thailand

    Really? Gosh that would be a shame, and here I thought Honda wanted a Hybrid Civic to compete with the Hybrid Corolla.
  10. Got my black 2022 Si this week - first impressions after 90 miles

    It's a tactic. 2-3 years from now they'll do a minor refresh and we may likely get all the bells and whistles in the Canadian Spec cars. It is a way to entice people to purchase the car later on in its model cycle.
  11. Review: The Handling Is the Star of the 2022 Honda Civic

    Handling was the star with the 10th Gen as well. The front turn in is bonkers, on par with some very expensive cars. The Si with the diff is even better.
  12. Civic Si TrailSport!

    This SUV/CUV craze has taken over everywhere, a major bummer for car lovers. I guess April Fools came early over at Straight Pipes.
  13. My 2022 Boost Blue Sport HB Thread

    Very nice. This color reminds me of a B5 S4 in Nagaro Blue. What did you get out of to get into this? And did you even test drive a 6 speed before giving the old hip a break?
  14. FS: Phillips XtremeVision led fog light bulbs

    Temp? 2500k, 5000k, etc?
  15. FS: OEM All Season Floor Mats

    Dang, next up somebody will bid $70. What is this, eBay? :):nixon:
  16. FS: OEM All Season Floor Mats

    $50, only if Weiner is included.