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Search results

  1. Anyone cross shopping a '22 BRZ/86?

    Sheesh Neptune blue 🔥
  2. Anyone cross shopping a '22 BRZ/86?

    Yes I will getting my BRZ in June. I might try to cancel it and get a 86 in April. The reason why I'm trading in my 10gen SI is because the car got boring after 3 months. No I didn't want to tune it and risk my clutch going out after a set amount of miles. There's no doubt the SI is a better...
  3. Savagegeese review 2022 Honda Civic Si

    Let's go! That will be a good review. I wonder when they're gonna get the Elantra N
  4. Savagegeese review 2022 Honda Civic Si

    Savage geese is the best car reviewer (imo). If I want honest, blunt, straight up reviews I watch their videos. Another great video that brings up alot of important discussion points including: what the SI is and what it isn't. Also comparing it to the GTI and Elantra N.
  5. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    I did place an allocation on a BRZ but I am also gonna look at the Elantra N. There is 1 dealer near me that has one, but it was 5k over MSRP. According to consumer reports Hyundai and Kia are the most marked up cars. Also the sale person wasn't very pleasant to me. But I did find a nice...
  6. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    I wouldn't worry too much! You're a bit early to the party, they'll come eventually.
  7. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    Thank you for the input! Great insight Gtman, I'm happy to see you're continuing your tradition of the relablility post here! On the flip side you should join me to the dark side (BRZ/ 86) we have RWD . I agree with you! I saw like 5-6 people in the allocations post that are switching from the...
  8. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    I was looking at the allocations for the 11 gen SI and saw a bunch of 10th gen SI owners. What is your reason to upgrade? Even though the 11 gen may be losing: -Adaptive dampers -Heated seats -Fog lights -aggressive looks But gaining: -twin scroll turbo -rev match -more "luxury" looks...
  9. 1000 Mile 2022 Civic Si Owner Review

    Just wondering: did you cross shop the new BRZ?