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  1. Drivers Side Mirror Vibration

    Funny thing is that I noticed that our 2020 CRV has the same really slight vibration at 120kph as well. Never does it in either once you get below about 100. I definitely understand the adhesive aspect of it all but when I took a trim tool to pop it off and check things, everything was really...
  2. One Week of Ownership

    Ya, I could do with less of it but even still, it is not too bad nor triggering my need to clean it. I think it could be down to how much dust is around where ever you happen to live. Fortunately, the vast majority of the frequent touch areas are not glossy any longer.
  3. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    LOL! If only! It is funny that they are made here but you all can't have them. And there are policies in place between Honda America and Honda Canada to actively dissuade or stop it.
  4. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    It is all due to how the Canadian trim lineup works. Ours goes LX, EX, Sport, Touring, Si. So the Si gets all(most) of the trim/features from the Touring. And it costs less in converted dollars so you all are getting robbed. Especially where they are made in the same Canadian plant. I...
  5. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    Umm What???? I have a Touring and it indeed kicks in the V-Tech, yo. And at WOT. And such a happy sound I haven't heard in a long time.
  6. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    Ya, you all got screwed on this one. I watched a first impressions drive yesterday and they were very impressed with the new Si. If thing play out right, I might actually get one in the next couple years. The clincher is if my son ends up wanting to take over my 22 Touring after he is out of...
  7. Picked up 2022 Civic Si Sonic Gray - my review & first impressions!

    Yup. My GenX was a 2.0NA so there was nowhere near the drive to get a tuner but now that I have the 22 Touring, it is on the list. The tuning on the Si is likely going to be straight up silly. Dare I claim that the GenXI Si after full tune and maybe a couple of bolt-ons, could beat the GenX...
  8. Picked up 2022 Civic Si Sonic Gray - my review & first impressions!

    Frankly, if all it takes to open these new GenXI 1.5T setups is a light tune, then it is going to be a solid full win for the Civic Sedan Touring/Si and Hatches with the 1.5T. I have no complaints about the pull in my Sedan touring when moving and that is with a CVT. I can't see an Si/manual...
  9. [PSA] Wipers are Complicated!!!

    The wiper arms move freely by hand when the car is off. This is contrary to how wipers have worked on most cars for, well, as long as it matters to anyone alive today. If you move them there by hand and then turn on the car, the wipers will return to "home". That being all the way down in...
  10. [PSA] Wipers are Complicated!!!

    Because for 75 years, common cars didn't need this feature. I argue they still don't. And for this feature to exist on cars in a way that make it a DAMAGE risk if you do something wrong, is a horrible design mistake. I also believe that if they are going to start adding more and more of these...
  11. [PSA] Wipers are Complicated!!!

    It is frikking annoying but I guess, those CO2 accountants will be happy.
  12. Any 1.5T owners do just a tune yet?

    Well, that is a little hyperbolic. Modern engine management systems would have to encounter wild variations in fuel air mixtures for them to be outside of what it can deal with to eliminate knock. And I'll fight ya on the decreased gas mileage.
  13. Any 1.5T owners do just a tune yet?

    You don't NEED to use 91+ with a tune but I know it is better if you do.
  14. Any 1.5T owners do just a tune yet?

    Thanks! I thought I was done growing my career but fate stepped in back in June.
  15. Any 1.5T owners do just a tune yet?

    Not yet. Winter is upon us and my son is the primary driver of the car where I work from home. He was why we have the new 2022 and is still not fully comfortable from having written off the 2017. Definitely doing it in the spring though. My boy will be 19 so he will have to have gotten over...
  16. [PSA] Wipers are Complicated!!!

    Finally remembered to check tonight and no, it doesn't. At least not activated the same way. Haven't looked in the manual though.
  17. [PSA] Wipers are Complicated!!!

    I should see if our 2020 CRV has the same mode or not... Something to check when my wife gets home today.
  18. [PSA] Wipers are Complicated!!!

    What is actually funnier is that the manual says to not operate the wipers when the glass is dry and yet, here they are with a damned maintenance mode that does just that! lol
  19. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Oh I agree but eventually, the buyers start making additional value proposition calculations. Things like the fact that the US Si won't get the full 10" MID is just insane. As an example, I had a 2017 Canadian EX with Honda Sensing and was really only dissatisfied with the cloth upholstery...