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  1. Got my black 2022 Si this week - first impressions after 90 miles

    The look of the headlights remind me of when I drove a '91 Integra that had fog lamps on the same field of view as the headlamps. I would get flashed all the damn time for having my fogs on. I can imagine 11th gen owners will get similar reactions from other drivers when they see the headlights on.
  2. The definition of insanity

    That's absolutely ridiculous. That's Type R price a few years ago. That said, I bet the 11th gen Type R is going to start $50K or more... Geezus
  3. 2022 Civic Si - US vs CA features - HondaPro Jason

    The lack of the lcd gauge and shift lights is disappointing... And U.S. buyers pay MORE... damn, we dun pissed off Honda! lol
  4. For those who want an Si hatch... presenting the 2023 Acura Integra Hatchback

    I'm thinking the use of CVTs over DCTs for Civics is probably more a cost decision than an efficiency decision, though. Honda can afford to put a dual clutch transmission in the Acura line because that market can afford and expect a DCT transmission. That said, I've driven my CVT equipped Civic...
  5. For those who want an Si hatch... presenting the 2023 Acura Integra Hatchback

    The days of me driving a manual has long gone but I still enjoy a fun ride and perhaps Integra with a boosted engine and DCT transmission might fit the bill. Don't get me wrong - I've driven many manuals in my lifetime but not anymore. My guess is that the DCT will add $1,000-$1,500 option to...
  6. Did Sonic Gray change between X and XI?

    I haven't come across an 11th gen in Sonic Gray but I will say that the SG paint on my FK7 hatch can look drastically different at varying times of the day depending on how the sun catches it. I've gotten compliments about my "blue" to "silver" Civic - lol.
  7. Changing the hatchback profile

    OP, your edit of the rear window makes me think of the Crosstour... kinda.
  8. $15k price markup on 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring!

    $15K markup? The dealership should just go to around $20K markup and then say: "You buy a Civic Sport Touring and you get a Civic Sedan LX for free!" LMAO.
  9. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Mannnnn, 230 hp and 200 tq would’ve sounded so niiiiice. Good enough a bump to invigorate the loyalists and new buyers but not enough to step on Integra’s toes… c’mon Honda. Really?
  10. Return of the Rattles!

    The lack of lumber support is a feature... You're just sitting in it wrong... /s
  11. 2022 Civic Hatchback Reviews Are Here

    I'm going to wait to see what Honda offers with the "new" Acura Integra... But if that drags on or is stupid expensive, I'll probably consider reuniting with a GTI or a Mazda3 turbo.
  12. 2022 Civic Hatchback Reviews Are Here

    Redline Reviews vid: Over 8 seconds 0-60 test runs... huh. Yes, I know acceleration isn't everything but still would've hoped a newer gen would have better numbers than the previous versions... edit: Topher's vid: I timed his 0-60 run and yes there's variables there with video and me timing it...
  13. Test drove a Civic Hatchback Sport 2.0 Manual transmission Boost Blue Pearl - Excellent vehicle, but outrageous dealer markup!

    $4,000 markup for a car that makes 158 hp in today's auto market? I would be LMAO all the way out the door. Heck, even the ST version with 180 hp is still suspect for any markup. How the heck can that salesman keep a straight face telling anyone there's a markup on a Civic? Type R? Yeah, I...
  14. Civic Hatchback Tailgate Spoiler

    The spoiler looks decent on the white hatch.
  15. 2022 Civic RS Sedan with wrap and front bumper nose black-out

    Honda should have made that styling on the nose OEM to begin with.
  16. Build & Price for 2022 Civic Hatchback Now Live

    I'll take manual cloth seats and, hell, even plain 'ole regular filament fogs and XM radio capability than leather seats. Is Honda really telling me those things are less desireable than leather seats? Why the heck would they even offer an "EX" trim? I would have been happy to opt for the Sport...
  17. Civic Hatchback Tailgate Spoiler

    Username checks out for post about wing spoilers... lol
  18. Build & Price for 2022 Civic Hatchback Now Live

    Honestly wished Hyundai still made the Elantra GT hatchback N-line. For me, that car ticked a lot of boxes as a fun, daily driver.
  19. Civic Hatchback Tailgate Spoiler

    Mugen spoiler is waaaaay nicer, imo.