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  1. 2022 Honda Civic Si MPG Fuel Economy real-life test via DailyMotor!

    Typically costs me under $60 to fill with premium and I will get at most 700-750 kms on a tank. Iirc tank is 55 total, 45 main and 10 reserve. That’s 10th gen but suspect 11th is similar.
  2. My Si fresh off the truck

    Hehe, hard to blame em. The black emblem and red Si badge are pretty subtle differences up front. It’ll be tough picking them out on the streets unless you get a glimpse of the spoiler.
  3. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    As a 10th gen owner in Canada I’m definitely interested in the 11th gen. If it weren’t for the Integra coming I’d buy 11th gen because: New features: heated wheel, auto dim mirror, parking sensors, etc Upgraded interior design Cleaner exterior design Upgraded infotainment (/w Bose) Improved...
  4. Poll: Your favorite color on the 2022 Si

    Same. White contrasts best with the black and red. Other colors are fine but don’t fit as well. This wasn’t true on 10th because there was so much black plastic (mostly vents) and boy racer looks. The white made those bits unfortunately standout even more. Luckily, when my salesguy reached out...
  5. Sonic pearl gray

    +1 for heated seats and steering wheels!
  6. My Si fresh off the truck

    Good color choice… that’d be my first pick. Congrats man. They really should’ve made the engine noise configurable in the Individual drive mode... and the auto stop/start disable. They would’ve made so many people happy with such little effort.
  7. Picked up 2022 Civic Si Sonic Gray - my review & first impressions!

    Thank you so much for not saying loose.
  8. How would you fix the 2022 Civic Si?

    After listening to the recent videos posted of test drives the first thing I’d want to change is that piped in sound… oh my
  9. 2022 Civic Si - US vs CA features - HondaPro Jason

    10th Gen Led headlights (came later in US) Heated rear seats Navigation Wireless charger Full size spare 11th Gen Fog lights LED turn signals in mirrors Parking sensors Heated front and rear seats Heated steering wheel Dual zone climate Auto dimming mirror /w Honda Link Wireless charger 10”...
  10. 2022 Civic Si - US vs CA features - HondaPro Jason

    The WHY is an interesting question. Aren’t the sedans made in Canada? That likely means the Si is too so maybe the price difference is about shipping and import costs. Comparing the Integra in US and Canada will be interesting because the Integra is built in the US I believe. So if my theory...
  11. 2022 Civic Si - US vs CA features - HondaPro Jason

    Wow some nice updates for the Canadian car. Heated steering wheel, full digital screen and auto dimming mirror are noteworthy. The Integra better have all those and more. It’ll be interesting to compare the US and Canadian versions there too.
  12. Test drove a Civic Hatchback Sport 2.0 Manual transmission Boost Blue Pearl - Excellent vehicle, but outrageous dealer markup!

    Hard to say for sure, in the case with my 2017 Si it was $34k tx/pdi incl but it had features (LED, nav, 4 heated seats, etc) the US model didn’t. Seems we pay more/get more but not sure how other trims were. As for Tims’ lol, well I guess its as good as most of the other cheap brown water...
  13. How would you fix the 2022 Civic Si?

    It’s definitely possible but they’re kind of doing what they did on the 10th gen though, i.e. leaving out options in the US market that seem conspicuously absent (at least when compared to the Canadian version). It doesn’t really feel any different than that. Any differences can be chalked up...
  14. How would you fix the 2022 Civic Si?

    remove the auto stop/start pano sunroof piped in sound disabling Individual mode
  15. How would you fix the 2022 Civic Si?

    Seems Honda has been clear and the consumers are the ones getting things muddled. The Type R is the performance Civic. The Si is the Civic with some sportiness “injected” to take a very practical daily driver and make it fun for a few extra dollars…. no one at Honda is going to call it a real...
  16. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Agreed… we’re just about at the end of an era. Many vehicles are on their last generation before they’re electrified in some way. Enjoy while you can. It’s a good time to splurge a little on an ice vehicle…especially one with a manual.
  17. How would you fix the 2022 Civic Si?

    Add a hatchback flat bottomed steering wheel and change the bottom spoke to match the black /w red trim of the dash Black door cards with red stitching CTR Sport seats with red accents Cut the price hike in half at least Add updated adaptive dampers Moderate hp and torque increases Replace...
  18. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Yep… I think it’s safe to assume there’s no chance any of us will be pleasantly surprised with the Integra’s pricing when it lands. I predict many rationalizations after that first kick when they’re announced. I also predict many told-ya-sos for those SMRT enough to guess a price or two...
  19. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Not sure they nerfed it as much as they’re just reacting to the current economic situation. Between chip availability and supply chain issues the cars have to be more expensive to make. They’re probably adjusting to maintain their target margins… possible they’re adjusting to the market to...