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Search results

  1. 2022 Civic Si - US vs CA features - HondaPro Jason

    Canadian cars are cheaper because we make less money. Aka less purchasing power.
  2. 2022 Civic SI: The price markups are coming

    I know the FK8 Type R doesn’t have TPMS in Canada. I think someone on YouTube installed Bluetooth caps to circumvate that with the border
  3. 2022 Civic SI: The price markups are coming

    You guys should drive up here and grab one. Adjusted for USD it’s 27.7k usd and we get heated seats and other goodies
  4. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! 🌎

    Rev matching is a definite plus. The interior is gorgeous. I’m sure it will drive fantastic I like it
  5. 2022 Civic Hatchback Reviews Are Here

    The mule for the 23’ Type R also had a single exhaust. This is the testing phase. There is no way on earth the Integra will lose the turbo. It will be slower than the civic then.
  6. 📸 2022 Civic Type R Spied Inside & Out (First Interior Shots)! 265/30/19 tires revealed.

    Doubt the X gen CTR prices will drop catastrophically. There aren’t that many out there and it’s a pretty unique look. That being said this is for sure better than my type r (20’) in every way. If I was in the market now I’d definitely wait for the new one. It will be faster and more...
  7. 2022 Civic Hatchback now on Honda Canada website

    Considering how much a max'd sport touring costs...I am terrified to see the price of the new type R.
  8. Spotted 11th gen Type R in the wild? (no pic :( )

    Its probably a rice’d 11th gen sedan
  9. 2022 Civic Type R Info & Rendering. Will Have Manual Transmission and Upgraded 2.0L Turbo Engine

    11 th gen will for sure be a riot like my 10th type r I have no doubt. I’m guessing 12th will have a electrified rear axle which will be a game changer
  10. 11th Gen Civic Trims & Specs from Honda Canada 🇨🇦

    I'm not entirely sure, but it's here on the Honda Canada brochure too https://www.honda.ca/Content/honda.ca/294dd36a-a860-41d7-9d52-f9f116a6dced/ModelPage_Downloads/Civic_Sedan_brochure_EN.pdf
  11. 11th Gen Civic Trims & Specs from Honda Canada 🇨🇦

    There was a stripper model 2016 DX for sale in Canada. No acoustic windshield or A/C
  12. Manual transmission confirmed for 11th gen Civic Hatchback, Si, Type R + tons of official details from Honda!

    Great news I'm hoping the next-next gen, the XII also has a manual. I'll be ready to trade in my 2020 CTR then. The dream is manual FWD + electrified rear axel.