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  1. 2022 Honda Civic Si MPG Fuel Economy real-life test via DailyMotor!

    That makes more sense, I filled up today and it cost me around $55 , not a full fill but close. The emergency allocation never comes into play unless one takes it under the empty mark, so cost to fill is going to be based on about 42 litres.
  2. Pickup Blaze Orange this Wednesday!

    Post up pics when you get it, congrats and enjoy the ride.
  3. Maintenance Schedule for 2022 Civic Hatchback?

    The funny part was that I sold it because some guy offered me crazy money for the car, it was before the crazy jump in prices we've seen lately but for the time I sold it they had offered me really good money. It was twice what I paid for it, as I bought it at the bottom of curve when prices...
  4. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    There needs to be a revolt in the U.S., if dealers jacked up plain old Civics they will really try to screw customers over for the CTR. It needs to be like Canada where dealers are restricted from predatory pricing. We do get dealer options added to jack up the price here , but at least...
  5. Sonic Gray 11th Gen Civic Photoshoot with aftermarket goodies!

    I love it, the wheels are icing on the cake, I'm a fan of this colour when it pops the blue shade over the grey (depends on lighting), nice and glossy.
  6. too soon to be asking this? but is anyone selling their oem si shift knob?

    I ordered the Civic Type R red leather shift knob, and I will test fit it when it comes in. If the fitment is right I suspect it will be my preferred shift knob based on shape and materials. I won't know until I get it installed and test driven, but I'm liking what I am seeing with it in terms...
  7. First look: 2022 Civic Hatch Lowered on TEIN’s

    That looks awesome, nice work on that entire setup. I love the wheels, better than black IMO. Nice exhaust tip too.
  8. too soon to be asking this? but is anyone selling their oem si shift knob?

    I have trouble using ball shaped shift knobs, I prefer a pistol grip shift method of shifting so I like more upright shift knobs, and I like to touch leather more than metal. I will likely test out the red leather CTR shift knob.
  9. too soon to be asking this? but is anyone selling their oem si shift knob?

    I want to test out the 10th gen Civic Type R red leather shift knob on my Si, I might be selling mine but it is too soon to tell, and I am not in a rush to do it as I haven't ordered the new knob yet.
  10. Maintenance Schedule for 2022 Civic Hatchback?

    aaaaah I sold my 2001 GS-R a couple years ago, I miss that one. I also had that same tool for adjusting my Hondas, but I sold that tool when I sold my last old school Honda - 2002 Honda S2000, I figured I wouldn't be adjusting any more valves going forward. I have been wondering if the...
  11. 2022 Honda Civic Si MPG Fuel Economy real-life test via DailyMotor!

    I don't know about those figures, but I never pay anywhere near 90 dollars to fill up my Si. We have a small fuel tank, I don't think I could go over 900 kms on a tank either. I've owned mine for 3 weeks and still getting use to mileage and range.
  12. One Week of Ownership

    I got off work 8:30 last night, dark and cold (-10 degrees C), super tires. But I gotta tell you that I just loved the drive home. I look forward to the drive home in the Si, it is so satisfying even in crappy conditions. This is after 3 weeks ownership.
  13. What did you do to your CivicXI today??

    I got him installed , back seat passenger
  14. What did you do to your CivicXI today??

    I've always wanted to strap in a huge Asimo doll in the back seat of a sporty Honda since seeing it done in an older Civic. Since getting my Si a few weeks ago and a 23 inch Asimo doll, he will be the perfect passenger belted into the back seat. I don't carry passengers so he will do nicely...
  15. Shift Knob Upgrade

    I wanted to put in the all leather old school JDM ITR shift knob, but then I remembered it has a 5 speed shift pattern engraved on it. I put that knob on my older Hondas and loved the shape and feel (I like pistol grip shifting, and I never could grip ball shifters properly in my hand) Does...
  16. Civic Emblem

    I never liked cars that were debadged, quite the opposite for me, more emblems and more decals lol. I did this vtec decal as I have some spare decals sitting around, it is kind of swoopy and a bit angled so not installed perfectly. When my chrome VTEC badge comes it I will replace the...
  17. 2022 Honda Civic Si MPG Fuel Economy real-life test via DailyMotor!

    That's pretty darn good, if the EPA government ratings are truly done at 48 mph, besting them at 70 mph is sweet. Plus it was done in 19 degree weather , even more impressive.
  18. Civic Emblem

    if you try to eyeball it you will likely mess it up, the trunk is kind of swoopy and the bottom edge running along the top of the tail light is angled . I've got a chrome Honda Vtec emblem coming in so I don't want to mess it up, tape it is.
  19. Drivers Side Mirror Vibration

    I've had that on other vehicles and I don't like it. Move the mirror around and see if it frees up a bit, go full wide and then full in and full up and down and back to your preferred spot. See if it helps any ?
  20. 27WON Civic Si Time Attack Build

    I appreciate an honest answer like that and I agree the stock intake is pretty good for factory, as it does suck in cooler air. How about brake upgrades, the Si is itching for some brake upgrades - anything from a BBK to even some pads ?