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  1. Accord 1.5T vs 2022 Civic Sport/EX

    Honda has made some weird decisions with this Generation of Civic. First they “upgrade” the 1.5T with slightly more power to “improve performance” but made it slower then they take 5 horsepower from the Si. I hope they don’t screw up the Type-R.
  2. Accord 1.5T vs 2022 Civic Sport/EX

    I think this may be the route I go. I’m still scratching my head as how the 1.5T from this gen with more horsepower is significantly slower. Same thing with the 2.0L, it’s slower.
  3. Accord 1.5T vs 2022 Civic Sport/EX

    Yes. My current car does 7.2 to sixty, the new Civic does 9.2, the Accord 1.5T feels underpowered at times so that would be even worse. The previous gen’s Civic 8.6 sec sprint would’ve been fine but anything that has “Sport” on it shouldn’t be that slow especially with how good it looks. The...
  4. Accord 1.5T vs 2022 Civic Sport/EX

    I’m currenty an owner of a 2020 Accord Sport 1.5T and I’m looking to replace it with the Civic Sport or the Civic EX because they’ll be slightly cheaper and I don’t need the extra space of the Accord. I’m leaning more towards the Sport because of it’s looks but the value and features of the EX...