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Search results

  1. Recent road trip mpg with tuned Si

    I want to jump on the hondata tune for my 22 Si, have you disabled rev hang and has the tune messed with the auto blip system at all?
  2. In transit time, eta unknown?

    Got word back from my local dealer, ETA has been updated to 2/1-2/5!
  3. In transit time, eta unknown?

    I will check with the dealer tomorrow if it has moved away from pending. Since the car is built already I am hoping to see it before the end of the month. I will keep you guys posted.
  4. In transit time, eta unknown?

    That makes a lot of sense! Thank you. So it could be a month before I see my Si? Who knows?
  5. In transit time, eta unknown?

    Hello! Anyone know how long it takes once it is in transit? My dealer is showing the ETA is still pending. Thank you!