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Search results

  1. One Week of Ownership

    My initial dislike is the black piano trim around the vents. I cleaned the trim this morning and did a lot of errands Through out the day. By the time I got home the glossy black trim was already showing an extreme amount of dust.
  2. Maintenance Schedule for 2022 Civic Hatchback?

    Did not receive any maintenance schedule with the car. I was curious what was recommended in the future. Googled the question and only found dealer schedules with a lot future maintenance such as new spark plugs at 15,000 miles.
  3. 22’ Sport Touring Hatch - New Daily

    I thought I was the only one taking the wheels off and coating any painted surface and suspension. I also demand the dealer not wash the cars I have gotten on delivery. Some cars on delivery have been extremely dirty but at least if I wash there will not be any swirl marks or scratches.
  4. Burning Smell

    Our 2022 hatch had that. Was some wax coating on the engine
  5. HPD spoiler INSTALL on 2022 CIVIC HATCHBACK - DIY writeup & pics

    I was reading the install instructions and read use touch up paint for the scratches. Was thinking of having one installed until I read that.
  6. Pre Pickup pics from my dealer, 22' Sport Touring hatchback, manual sonic gray

    Really like the spoiler. How much are they installed? Great looking color. Can’t decide between the white or sonic gray for the touring sport manual
  7. Crystal Black hatchback

    Can you open the hatch and take a picture of the hatch trim just above the hatch opening. See attached picture of mine
  8. Meteorite Gray hatchback

    I also have left dealers that add pinstriping, door edge guards, and dealer stickers and refuse to do business with them