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Search results

  1. TSP Stage 1 for the 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic Si - Now available!

    So it'll have about the same power as a 90s 350cid V8 Camaro IROC-Z. Nothing to complain about.
  2. Latest Type-R rumor: over 330 HP

    I want an AWD version with DCT but one can always dream.....
  3. HondaLink issues...

    HondaLink is pretty useless on the Civic.
  4. 2022 Honda Civic Seats too low Solution

    To me they aren’t low ENOUGH!
  5. Just hit 555 miles!! How many miles do you have??

    I didn’t enjoy having to fill up my Mustang with 93 Octane every two days. Was also a nightmare to drive in bad weather. I’m content with the Honda for a fun daily driver.
  6. Just hit 555 miles!! How many miles do you have??

    And just like that!! 2500 miles.
  7. Hatchback Lip Spoiler (???)

    Now that’s a proper spoiler for a Civic.
  8. The definition of insanity

    Dealers are going to work their way out of business at some point. Sure, making record profits now, but when things turn around they might see that all their loyal customers are gone.
  9. Hatchback Lip Spoiler (???)

    Yeah, the factory optional wing is just too much for my taste. A lip spoiler would be much better.
  10. Lunar Silver 2022 Civic hatchback

    Looks great in that color.
  11. Selling my 2022 Civic Touring Sonic Grey

    I’ve learned plenty. I’ve learned that I’m still betting GM and Ford will be around long after any of us are gone. It’s a sure bet.
  12. Selling my 2022 Civic Touring Sonic Grey

    Every manufacturer is having problems making cars right now, not just GM. As for the Bolt? I don't trust electric cars anyway, regardless of who makes them and a Tesla is the last car I would ever buy. Cadillac will be an all electric company soon (boo!!), then there is the Hummer. Chevrolet...
  13. Selling my 2022 Civic Touring Sonic Grey

    GM isn't going anywhere. So, I hope you can find a second job. :)
  14. Selling my 2022 Civic Touring Sonic Grey

    I’d bet you everything that I have that you’re wrong. GM is going to be around for a long long time. As for the Corvette being useless, most cars that are fun are useless - doesn’t mean they aren’t great.
  15. Selling my 2022 Civic Touring Sonic Grey

    Most manufacturers will tell you that the MSRP is just that - a Manufacturers "SUGGESTED" Retail Price and that they have no control or say of what prices are. I'm surprised that it's even suggested by the manufacturers at all. That being said. I'd take a C8 Corvette Stingray or Z06 any day.
  16. Picked up 2022 Civic Si Sonic Gray - my review & first impressions!

    I find it's better if I change the mode of the reverse camera. Makes the image smaller but much more clear and then it shows the image of the car with all of the sensor fields.
  17. Selling my 2022 Civic Touring Sonic Grey

    How do you feel about losing the digital dash, LED fog lights and some of the other top trim features? If you don't mind a more stripped down experience then go for the Si.