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Search results

  1. Best way to correct wheel chips?

    Best way to correct wheel chips is don't hit the curb lol. Take it to a wheel repair specialist but be ready to pay $$$ if you can't diy
  2. I gotta have one

    Factory order should be 3-5 months out in Canada, guessing it might be the same for the US
  3. Where to buy OEM Touch-Up paint?

    Any Honda dealership should carry a touch up paint pen in CBP. It's $15.50CAD ($12.27USD approx) Part number: 08703-NH731PAH-A1
  4. Are they lying about the Type-R track times??

    No need to watch when I know this is OP's video and he's fishing for views lol
  5. 340 horsepower for 2022-2023 Civic Type R ?

    I work for Corp and dealership doesn't know anything about the new CTR. We make sure no one knows only HondaPros and some selected ambassadors, hpd, research team would know
  6. Black emblems in Canada

    I can do $120.00CAD shipped (price includes sales tax) in Canada or $130CAD shipped to the lower 48, part number 08F20-T20-100. I work for Honda Canada directly, no dealer association lol.
  7. Latest Type-R rumor: over 330 HP

    Engine, pricing and tranny seems right Power, acceleration and top speed doesn't I won't believe any news/fan source unless its directly from Honda or their brand ambassadors and considering I work directly for Honda, I haven't seen any new news to share with
  8. Latest Type-R rumor: over 330 HP

    I'm thinking the ITS will have around 230hp (more beefier than the Si but well under the R) and the CTR will have 310-315 at most. No AWD/SH-AWD, DCT, hybrid or i6 IF everything goes well, both its and r should be revealed at the NY autoshow. Pricing come spring, books in the summer, deliveries...
  9. Latest Type-R rumor: over 330 HP

    There's no where internally that says the new CTR is going to be 330hp (or more) I feel like @sgtmorph is right but only time can tell. Books open in the summer though
  10. 2023 Type R bolt pattern

    Yes. Honda only has 2 bolt patters: 5x120 and 5x114.3
  11. Cold Air Intake Tune

    You need a tune. I believe Ktuner and Honda would have an OTS tune by now, please check with them first
  12. Will 10th gen Rain Guards fit 11th gen Civic?

    The 21 and 22 are the same gen? Please advise on what is the same besides being named "Honda Civic". Thanks Left 2016-2021 (X Gen) vs Right 2022+ (XI Gen)
  13. Toyota Supra finally getting a manual? Any takers?

    Old news. Already knew about this back in Summer 21. Not surprise the Zupra boys found out in December 21 lol
  14. Maintenance Schedule for 2022 Civic Hatchback?

    Only 20k ? Yikes I change my fluids every so often. However I do track my cars
  15. ? Watch the 2023 Civic Type R rip on the Suzuka Circuit as it debuts at Tokyo Auto Salon

    If that's the case then guessing we're seeing deliveries in mid fall/early winter? I beleive it's 90 days for a factory order, according to the 6 Si's that I was tracking (for work purposes)
  16. ? 2023 Civic Type R making public debut January 14 @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

    This. But let's be real, Honda has 3 options: down 5hp like the Si, same 305 at peak or 315-320 at peak. If both the TLX-S and MDX-S pushes 355 wit a (single?) turbo V6, I doubt Honda will match that on a 2.0L turbo I4 without going awd or hybrid support. But guess we shall see!
  17. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    I know in Western Canada some Toyota dealers add 3M and PPF on their showroom supra .....
  18. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    As a former 10th Gen Si owner, I didn't switch to the 11th gen. I'm a big performance slxxt and I was never sold on the new gen Si. Went to Honda for a demo day and wasn't too impress
  19. Si seems impossible to find at dealers?

    Salesman info is wrong. What OGGsr said is right With that being said. Supply and demand is high. Just place an order for a factory build and wait the 90 day turn around. Doubt there will be dealers that will have the Si on hand in the colour you want.