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Search results

  1. PPG 1-4 Gears installed 2022 Civic Hatch

    Hey guys Just got the PPG 1-4 installed along with 2020 Si final drive, Si LSD and Emans Type R retro fit clutch Car feels amazing now and we can run slicks and not worry about anything
  2. PRL Motorsports FMIC for 2022 Civic 1.5t -- Install & Test Drrive

    Hey guys We are going to be installing this today and wanted to give you a peak at PRL FMIC for 1.5t models. Install how to video:
  3. Enkei NT03+M 18X9.5 test fit

    Hey guys Test fitting our street wheels and plenty of room for them, we will be running Toyo R888R 265/35 tires all the way around and those arrive end of this week. Once we get them on the car I will decide what lowering springs to use based off the clearance on the wheels
  4. Hasport Rear Engine Mount install on 2022 Civic Hatchback

    Hey guys Was at Hasport today installing the rear engine mount on our 2022 Civic Hatch. We will be doing the side mounts next week but wanted to test out just the rear on this and see how the performance and vibrations are on these 11th gens. Mount is a 62a and will be on sale shortly
  5. PRL Motorsports High flow Downpipe and Frontpipe

    Wanted to tease you guys these beautiful pieces from PRL We will be doing an install video, these are a pre batch PRL made for us and we will give you all the results this week. We are most likely going to ditch the exhaust since there wont be one made for at least a year and the piping is tiny...
  6. 2022 Honda Civic Hatch 6 speed 1.5t Ktuner Stage 2

    Hey guys We have uploaded the tune on our 11th gen Civic hatch 6 speed, you guys can now add it to your list for the 6 speed
  7. Axion Industries 2022 Civic Hatch Sport Touring Street/Drag build

    Hey guys Got our Hatch in and a nice walk around video to tell you about our project and build with this amazing car, look forward to showing you guys what we do