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Search results

  1. 27WON Dual exit Si exhaust system for 2022+ Civic FE1 Chassis

    Take my money! When can we pre-order?
  2. HKS Exhaust available?

    Literally on standby for this one! Take my money! Is it compatible/recommended with your DP?
  3. Crazy Backfire

    No money shifting! But I am curious if the Auto Rev will even enable an over-rev. It's literally the best features nonetheless of this platform
  4. Crazy Backfire

    Hey Fellow Civic Owners, I'm based here in New Jersey and I'm one of the few 11th gen owners. With there still being a low # of other 11th gen owners, I have yet to come across another 2022 SI owner so I can exchange #s and meet up. Anyways, I pulled on to a highway with traffic, so i was...
  5. Cold Air Intake Tune

    What brand's intake should we be wary of?
  6. 10PSI Boost Normal?

    Hey guys. Just did some spirited driving and I realized That my 2022 SI's boost is capping at 10PSI. I came from a 17 SI which easily went up to 15 PSI all times of the year. Could it still be in the break in period? Here is what the driving conditions looked like: Outside Temp 20-40 F went...
  7. Si ride quality?

    I owned both a 17 si and 19 Civic Coupe Sport and the new 11th gen si is MUCH stiffer. I find it very enjoyable. The car 'feels' very beefy compared to the cars above, especially with the pumped in audio. I will also admit that the tranny is a bit jerky paired with the engine. There's...
  8. 2022 Honda Civic Si - How much I Paid

    Phillipsburg Easton Honda in Phillipsburg, NJ. It's my 3rd car with them. 1st car was a 17 SI below sticker 2nd car was a 2019 Civic Coupe Sport below MSRP 3rd car was Blaze Orange SI @ MSRP
  9. 2022 Honda Civic Si - How much I Paid

    I just paid 31.5 OTD for my Blaze Orange SI from a dealership in NJ. Well worth the price and it came with WHEEL LOCKS right off the delivery truck..... YES - came with wheel locks. Don't let anyone charge you for these
  10. 2022 Honda Civic Si pricing announced!

    I am quoted by my dealership $31475 OTD in NJ. What are yall getting?
  11. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    Catless Downpipe - i could meet up anywhere with you guys
  12. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    Hi all - i was away for the past week. It is CATLESS. Looking to sell quick! Was on my car less than a week :)
  13. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    V2 - and installed in 4 hours by myself. Had no idea what I was doing at first. Came out good but I’m just not allowed to have it... would love to keep it
  14. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    I live in a pretty high end neighborhood and the sound is not liked by my neighbors who have already complained....
  15. [FS] PRL Downpipe - NJ/PA [SOLD]

    Hey Guys, I'm selling my PRL Downpipe. I purchased it and installed for about 7 days and i'm honestly not a fan. I am selling for $290 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Central Jersey Area / Pennsylvania. Part will come with PRL Gasket Please PM me, looking for a quick sale Thanks!