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  1. ProDrager Exhaust System for 2022+ 11th Gen Honda Civic

    Anyone know what the wheels are called on the black one in the first video? Enkei Looks like "Kevmannz" for the rear diffuser on the black car.
  2. What spoiler is this?

    Do you know what size wheels these are?
  3. 10th Gen Eibach Sportline Springs installed on 11th Gen Civic Sport

    I'm considering going with a similar setup with 19's and lowering springs on my Si. The Part Number you listed in the video shows on the Eibach website for a 2020 Civic Sedan/Coupe Base, 1.2" Front, 1.3" Rear. (E20-40-036-01-22)...
  4. Crazy Dealership Info on Upcoming Type R

    "Available in three trims-the FK8, FK9, and R" "The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has ranked the Honda Civic Type R as one of the safest American roads." o_O
  5. Looking for 2022+ Civic Si OEM Fog Light Installation Help

    As far as I know I think it's just the headlight stalk switch
  6. Looking for 2022+ Civic Si OEM Fog Light Installation Help

    Not sure, haven't been able to figure that out yet.
  7. Looking for 2022+ Civic Si OEM Fog Light Installation Help

    My local dealer helped me find the part numbers today. FOGLIGHT LEFT FR. - 33950-T20-A01 FOGLIGHT RIGHT FR. - 33900-T20-A01 SWITCH ASSY. - 35255-T20-C11
  8. Amber DRLs on 2022 Civic?

    Also The Previous Gen Acura TLX has amber DRLs.
  9. Looking for 2022+ Civic Si OEM Fog Light Installation Help

    Hey Guys, I am looking for some help on finding materials/part numbers and a possible installation guide to install OEM fog lights and switch if at all possible. I will update this topic if I find anything but please let me know if you guys know anything about doing this. Thanks! Edit...
  10. Honda will debut the HPD Civic Si and THR-W Civic Si race cars at SEMA 2021!

    That HPD exhaust looks sick. I also am looking forward to getting that. Its nice that they give you the modifications list as well! The exhaust is "Borla/HPD : Turbo-back dual-outlet exhaust" and no, there is nothing available on Borla's website for the 2022+ Civic. Also... I like the tow hook...
  11. Reserved your 2022 Civic Si? -- Add it to CivicXI Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    My local dealer has a white Si coming but I'm looking for an orange Si. They made it sound like they could order an orange one for me but were not 100% sure...
  12. 2022 Civic Si production begins 10/30!

    There are 11 Red flags so definitely refering to 11th gen? ?
  13. Integra Spied For The Actual First Time!!

    Well they could use the same one.
  14. Honda Teases 2022 Honda Civic Si Racing Model!!

    Oh nice spot, you're right!
  15. 2016 Nissan 370z Nismo

    2016 Nissan 370z Nismo

  16. 2013 Honda Civic Si

    2013 Honda Civic Si

  17. Color chart and chassis codes for 2022 Civic Hatchback

    Sooo... No Sport Touring Rallye Red or Boost Blue with a 6MT...