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  1. Mod List and Order to Add

    Hey everyone, Never had a turbo car and have done some reading but wanting to make sure I’m on the right path. Is there an order you could add mods to see most benefit individually? For example, I’ve read that doing only front pipe is kind of pointless if you don’t do the down pipe too. I’ll...
  2. 2022 Rallye Red Si delivered

    After 2 months of waiting I finally took my new daily home. Had an 06 Si in Habanero Red that I loved but went on to a truck when I bought a house. Finally getting back in to a daily as I’m commuting again and the Si fit perfectly for fun, comfort, and efficient driving. No good pics yet but...
  3. Civic Si in stock in Sterling, VA

    Hey everyone, I have another Si on reserve but got an email that one came in to Autonation Honda Dulles. They are located in Sterling, VA and it’s a sonic gray Si. They don’t reserve and are asking 3k over MSRP. I’ve got one locked for cheaper but if you’re willing to pay extra, it arrived tonight!