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  1. Phearable releases 11th Gen Civic Si Stage 1.5 Race tunes for KTuner and Hondata

    GetterDragun ... I think John uses BBG in 1st only on that tune. Keep in mind also that there are a lot of factors that go into where your boost targets are. To know whether things are operating as intended, I'd recommend doing a datalog. If the ECU was only commanding 19 psi and you hit 19...
  2. Ktuner vs Hondata

    Let me post this as someone who is known as a bit of a tune related stats guru. I have a long running tuned owners thread at CivicX and a new one here as well. Here are those thread's usage numbers. Civic X KTuner: 807 Hondata: 216 Civic XI KTuner: 12 Hondata: 1 That's not to say Hondata...
  3. The Tuned 11th gen Experience & Reliability Thread

    Current Thread Stats Total tuned cars: 13 Si: 6; Non-Si 1.5T: 6; 2.0 NA: 1 Sedans: 8; Hatchbacks: 5 Total tuned miles driven: 15,520 Problems reported: 0 Transmission: CVT: 6; Manual: 7 Upgraded clutch installed: 1 Tuning device used: KTuner: 12; Hondata: 1 Base tune: 8; Custom: 1; OTS: 4...
  4. Build Quality

    If you own a 10th gen like I do, this doesn't surprise. Honda designs great cars. At the assembly line level though, quality control seems to be lacking. I love my 10th gen overall but it has horrible paint, huge panels gaps and rattles galore.
  5. Kia Forte5 GT

    Not sure where you got your numbers but my guess is it was likely from a chip seller. Lol Here's a reputable independent sources stock dyno numbers: 184whp and 194 lb-ft of torque. https://dsportmag.com/the-cars/project/dgarage-project-kia-forte-gt-presented-by-harman-kardon-part-4/ The...
  6. The Tuned 11th gen Experience & Reliability Thread

    Congrats and thanks for adding your car. Based on my long running 10th gen version of this thread, tuning these cars will be quite reliable.
  7. $15k price markup on 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring!

    Is there honestly anyone in the world who looks at that car and says "hell yeah, $38K for a Civic... what a deal". Sorry but anyone buying that car at close to that price is an idiot.
  8. What’s the Best Tuning Device?

    Also, you do know you're at the 11th gen forum, right? CivicX.com would be a better choice for your 2018 needs.
  9. What’s the Best Tuning Device?

    Let me copy and paste some tuning device usage stats from my "world famous" Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread: Hondata used for tuning: 197; Race (171) Carb (26) KTuner used for tuning: 745; V1.2 (419) V2 (326) Other devices used: JB4 3; RaceChip 4; Motec 4 Usage rate: KTuner 79%...
  10. How is your MPG?

    OP, I'd blame it on 2 factors. 1. The winter blend gas. 2. NY weather. It's been very cold this winter so far. I have a 10th gen but routinely see the high 30's or even low 40's on my warm weather commutes. This winter, I'm averaging 32 mpgs, mostly due to the very cold (and sometimes windy)...
  11. The Tuned 11th gen Experience & Reliability Thread

    Thanks for adding your car. So TSP vs. an aggressive KTuner Starter... In real numbers, the TSP tune is more powerful and smoother but they feel different. With TSP there is a lot of restraint down low with a more linear feel top to bottom. The KTuner tunes with aggressive throttle, turbo...
  12. The Tuned 11th gen Experience & Reliability Thread

    I had Derek's TSP 1 on my 10th gen. His tunes are fantastic.
  13. The Tuned 11th gen Experience & Reliability Thread

    Well, I know the car is new but I also know quite a few have already tuned. If you're tuned, add your car here, it will help the community. :thumbsup:
  14. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    Appreciate it man. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the tuning thread off the ground here. Maybe in time people will see the value in it.
  15. Reason you went from 10 gen Si to 11 gen Si?

    Tuned 10th gen non-Si owner here but I think there probably are a ton of reasons why folks choose to upgrade to the 11th or to stick with the 10th. Why people switch to the 11th Need to have the newest toy Prefer the more mature, cleaner look Like the driveability tweaks (like rev matching)...
  16. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    Have you ever heard of personal preference? I don't care for the stuck on tablet look on any car and while it's unique I'm not a fan of the honeycomb dash. I never said the 10th was better. I praised the 11th as nice overall and high quality. I'm just happy with the 10th and the interior isn't...
  17. The 2022 Honda Civic Si Joins The Dealer Price Markup Circus - Article

    My oh my how things have changed...
  18. Poll: Your favorite color on the 2022 Si

    You won't see it there. It's a hatchback only color.
  19. Everyone loves the 11thgen 2022 Civic Si : Straight Pipes review - “Perfect Civic!”

    I'm sure the Bose audio is great... I think the disappointment for 10th gen owners is that things they have on their current car were taken away. Maybe I'm weird but I kind of wish the Bose system and sunroof were part of some option package. I'd be cool with a more basic audio system, no...