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  1. How is your MPG?

    You can't really compare the 2. The 10th gen Si is more aerodynamic and is lighter. I've freqently gotten 45+ MGPs on road trips in my 2019 Si. Other variables include: gas quality, tire pressure, ambient conditions, transmission power loss
  2. Reserved your 2022 Civic Si? -- Add it to CivicXI Reservations Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    $5k is a pretty penny. I'd definitely hold out if I were you!
  3. C&D Instrumented Test Results & Review: 2022 Civic Si Evolves but Remains a Driver's Car

    The 2017 Si sedan, As Tested, did not have the optional summer tires. The stock Goodyear tires are ass.
  4. 2022 Si compared in new WRX review

    I have a feeling that this gen WRX is going to continue to have abysmal fuel efficiency. If you absolutely HAD to have AWD, then I'd consider this over the new Si. I still love my 2019 Si too much to even think about a new car lol.
  5. Anyone cross shopping a '22 BRZ/86?

    @suhhh had a 10th gen Si and just got a new BRZ (such a beautiful car BTW!) Maybe he could share his opinons on the 2?
  6. KTuner 2022+ Civic Si Tune Results - Fantastic Gains!

    That is unfortunate that owners looking to make over 265 WTQ will need to upgrade their clutch... At least it comes with an SMF from the factory already, so there is potentially a few hundred saved there.
  7. Si firm ride. No adaptive dampers

    Potential weight reduction by not having adaptive dampers, but it's still heavier than the 10th gen Si sedan lol
  8. Would you get manual in an ugly color?

    TBH, the Sonic Grey Pearl looks a lot better in person. It might grow on you. Someone down the street from me has a current gen Accord in SGP and it looks really good IMO. The Boost Blue does look nice on the 11th gen hatch. SGP is my close 2nd favorite color, after Aegean Blue Metallic
  9. Would you get manual in an ugly color?

    I personally would go with getting the car that makes you happy to drive. I would hate my life driving a CVT, which is why I have an Si with 6mt. I previously had a 2012 Acura TL SH-AWD Advance. That car had great power and a very nice interior, but I couldn't stand the AT. I actually sold...
  10. 2022 Civic SI: The price markups are coming

    $39k for a 2022 Si with just wheel locks, window tint, and door edge guards? SHEEESHHHH that's almost double what I paid for a brand new 2019 Si lol
  11. Thinking about getting a manual 2022 ST

    As far as what makes it a "Sport", I think it POSSIBLY has stiffer springs compared to the base models. They all have the same sway bars. Other than that, maybe just the 18" wheels compared to the 16" and 17" on the LX and EX models lol. I think the CVT is tuned differently on the Sport. Must...
  12. Thinking about getting a manual 2022 ST

    Nice car! The 11th gen hatchback manual looks like a winner for sure. If I didn't already have a 10th gen Si, I would probably spring for one of these. No active damping, no red gauges, and no Sport mode. Sorry!
  13. 2022 Honda Civic Si pricing announced!

    Looks like LED fogs with a smoked lens
  14. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    8th and 9th gen Si had analog tachameters, but only digital speedometers. 10th gen Si had all digital for both. 8th and 9th:
  15. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    You might be happy with a 2022 Civic Hatchback Sport 2.0 6mt. I kind of want to buy one of these in a few years and just keep it in a garage for 20 years lol
  16. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    Too bad that Honda stopped offering the 6MT on the Accords... 2020 was the last model year.
  17. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    Yes, there is auto start/stop on MT cars, unfortunately... I was in Spain last month and my GF's sister has a VW crossover with a 6MT and the annoying auto start/stop. As long as you are fully stopped with your foot on the brake and trans in neutral, the auto start/stop will work the same an in...
  18. 2022 Honda Civic Si World Debut! ?

    Overall, not too bad. But there some definite pros and cons compared to the 10th gen Si. I don't see enough to trade my '19 Si Likes: - wireless AA/Carplay - New infotainment + Bose speakers - SMF - Auto revmatch - Short(er) throw shifter - No ADS - Orange Paint - similar curb weight - larger...
  19. Integra Spied For The Actual First Time!!

    We have been asking for an Si Hatch, but not for $35k ? Have a feeling MSRP for the Integra A-spec 6mt will be higher than the 11th gen Civic Hatchback Sport Touring 6mt. And I can't even imagine what eventual markup will be...
  20. 2022 hatchback sport touring MANUAL presentation

    I really like this 11th gen hatchback! Not enough to trade in my 19 Si, but it's a great upgrade for someone with a 9th gen or base model 10th gen.