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  1. Hondata FlashPro Civic 2022 Si+ Turbo 1.5 US | CARB Tunes

    CARB FLASHPRO We have been working hard testing and developing the CARB tunes for the 2022 Civic Si. The performance gains are huge with a simple upload from our Plug-N-Play FlashPro system. Our Si now has over 1,000 miles and the development was done with California 91 octane. *EPA/CARB...
  2. Hondata CARB tune - technical

    Hondata CARB tune - technical For those of you who are new to Honda and are considering the 11th generation platform here’s a quick primer on Hondata. Hondata was founded by two enthusiastic Kiwi CRX owners who wanted their cars to go faster. We’ve been providing Honda tuning solutions for well...
  3. Tuned 2022 Civic Si - Hondata FlashPro - CARB Pending - Big Gains!!!

    We now have a preliminary tune for the Honda Civic Si utilizing our FlashPro system. We are continuing to test and develop our 11th gen Civc products, so If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  4. Hondata's 11th gen 2022 Civic Si Dyno Baseline Numbers -- Top end shows a big difference!

    Hello, We just picked up our 2022 Civic Si and took it over to our dyno for a baseline. The 11th gen Civic top end is a big difference! Click the link to see the results! From Motor1 article: "On paper, the 2022 Civic Si has a peak power of 200 horsepower (149 kilowatts) and 192 pound-feet...
  5. Hondata Flex Fuel Support for 2022 Civic 1.5T - New Feature!!

    We are proud to announce the FlashPro Manager results of the 2022 Civic 1.5T with Flex Fuel. Testing the 11th Gen Civic @PRL Motorsports Flex Fuel Kit with our software (CVT and E40) resulted in great results! We are going to provide a free new preset calibration that adds up to 134 Ft Lbs...