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  1. 2023 Civic Type R Full Reveal Coming July 20!

    That's exactly me except I got some ties haha 1. Gray/Blue 3. Black/White 5. Red
  2. 2023 Civic Type R Full Reveal Coming July 20!

    I know you're probably right, but man I just really want to get my hands on a boost blue or sonic gray so bad haha.
  3. Auto option on 2023 Si? (i know i know)

    Theres no confirmation that the new 2023 Type R is getting an automatic yet. But the good news for you is the new Acura Integra is basically the Civic Si with a few bonus amenities and have an automatic transmission.
  4. 2023 Civic Type R Full Reveal Coming July 20!

    Technically Hondas been teasing the CTR since October 2021.
  5. 2022 civic Si review after first weekend

    Hasn't that always been the case though? It just lets the engine alternate between low lift and higher lift to maximize efficiency (whether thats fuel economy or performance) The turbocharger is supplying enough extra air that it negates the use for higher-lift lobes on the intake cam, on the...
  6. Limited production for New Type R? "Hundreds not thousands" according to UK article

    This is why I'm okay with them making special editions for the collectors/brand boosting. Make the non-special edition accessible and practical for the masses. Hopefully production isn't artificially limited by Honda.
  7. 2023 Civic Type R Spy Shots (Compiled June 23)

    Yeah I'm also most excited about seeing those vents in detail. Also curious to see how the splitter, skirts and rear looks like. I was kinda disappointed that the Civic Si visually had basically nothing different from say a civic sport other than the Si badge. Safe to say that won't be a problem...
  8. Type R owner age?

    I'm 32 and planning on getting the new Type R (assuming the price stays reasonable). I'm planning to keep this car forever as well, so I'll likely be 60 and still rocking it.
  9. 2023 Civic Type R Crash Test Vehicles Spotted on Transport (Grey and Black in Color), Revealing Rear Fascia and Exhaust

    My understanding was the middle pipe was a resonator for more sound at low speeds and less sound at highway speeds to reduce drone (but someone correct me if I'm wrong on that). Maybe the larger resonator means a deeper, louder growl? Either way I'm liking the finish on those exhaust tips!!
  10. Type R Record at the Ring?

    The 2 seater vs 4/5 seater part is also one of the big reasons why I don't find the Renault "record" to really be valid vs the CTR. Its still very impressive but totally different category at that point. If they want to claim its a production car record then don't make it some exclusive...
  11. Si vs Touring comparison charts for your pleasure

    Just incase people were still wondering how much weight the extra features bring to the Si: USA Si - 2906 lbs USA Touring - 3077 lbs CAN Si - 2998 lbs CAN Touring - 3022 lbs Not sure what the difference in features is between the USA/CAN Touring but apparently its 50 lbs worth (Note: All the...
  12. New Official Video: 2023 Civic Type R Flat Out on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

    I think production car track records are fun to see, as long as its not at the expense of making a great road car.
  13. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    I appreciate the heritage but the colour really isnt for me, atleast not on my personal car.
  14. New Type R Video Footage (Closeups!)

    Yep, assuming Honda hasn't changed their production line set-ups compared to the 10th gen, the Type Rs were built on the exact same line as the regular civic hatchbacks. They would just sprinkle some CTRs among the regular hatchbacks.
  15. New 2023 Civic Type R On-Road Footage (Night-time highway driving)

    Whatever they're doing, just keep that faucet open, I'm parched!
  16. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    I actually really like the current CTR in black. Looks really mean and helps hide some of the more excessive styling elements haha
  17. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    Yeah I'm not a fan either. I'm first on the list at my dealership and I fully expect to pass on the first CTR since its likely going to be CW. Honestly I'll take any colour thats not CW or red (already have a red car).
  18. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    No idea about USA but in Canada the most common colour was definitely Championship white.
  19. 2023 Civic Type R Pictures @ Nurburgring/Street Driving

    I had originally said keep the carbon fiber for the special edition and you said you disagreed and would rather they have everything in one version though.
  20. 2023 Civic Type R Pictures @ Nurburgring/Street Driving

    In that case to track it all it needs is good cooling, brakes and tires. You don't need carbon fiber at all to track a car.