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  1. Car and Driver review of Civic Sport sedan

  2. Classy Si vs Mad Max WRX

    Yes the new Si is a cleanly styled, classy and well balanced package. But the rough and ready WRX is looking better to me all the time. Rear is like a 9th Gen Civic Si set up for Demolition Derby duty with massive badonk-a-donk Big hood scoop. Industrial fender flares A lot of HP...
  3. Si Review by Omar Drives

  4. Kia Forte5 GT

    On paper it compares with the Si, but... The Drive: 2021 Kia Forte5 GT Review: Not the Sleeper Hot-Hatch I Hoped For. https://www.thedrive.com/new-cars/43462/2021-kia-forte5-gt-review-not-the-sleeper-hot-hatch-i-hoped-for
  5. Civic Si TrailSport!

    StraightPipes included this in their video review of the Toyota Corolla Cross??? I guess this will compete with the new WRX ?
  6. Boost Blue Sport Hatchback

    First one I've seen in Boost Blue
  7. Civic Sport hatchback vs VW Jetta Sport sedan

    VW has updated the 2022 Jetta with a 1.5 turbo base engine and added a Sport trim. The Sport trim is available with a manual transmission or 8 speed automatic (not a CVT) and includes 17" alloys, sportier suspension and electronically locking front differential. With the torquier turbo I...
  8. More weight, same power - 2022 Sport hatchback

    I have a 2018 Civic LX coupe with a manual. And a 2020 Civic Sport sedan with a manual. Plan to sell the 2020 to get a 2022 Civic Sport Hatchback with a manual. All 3 have the same K20C2 - 2 liter engine, same HP and torque. 158hp/138lb-ft Even the same gear ratios. Weight: 2018 LX coupe...
  9. 2022 Si compared in new WRX review

    2022 WRX reviews have dropped today. Redline Reviews makes a few comparisons in his video.
  10. Crystal Black hatchback

    I was leaning towards silver but this looks sharp and bad*ss in black.
  11. Meteorite Gray hatchback

    Spotted my first hatchback at local dealership
  12. Si firm ride. No adaptive dampers

    A lot of reviewers have mentioned the new Si's firm ride and no adaptive dampers. And they were driving on smooth California roads. I'm going to wait for the Integra.
  13. Blazing Orange Si video

  14. Motor Trend review of Civic Sport sedan with CVT

  15. Enthusiastic Motor Trend review of 2022 Civic Hatchback

  16. Car Confections Si video

  17. Lunar Silver 2022 Civic hatchback

    First photos I've seen of one in this color.