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  1. New Type R Video Footage (Closeups!)

    Amazing close ups on the street! Catch the fever!!!
  2. Honda Type R Timeline and Milestones

    Interesting little read released today from Hondanews has the feel there is an imminent PR on the Type R forthcoming. https://hondanews.com/en-US/releases/release-5d911be38cf30e49d54f6cb4520a4d4a-honda-type-r-timeline-and-milestones
  3. Type R Record at the Ring?

    The riddle…. The Megane Trophy R which holds the lap record (for front wheel drive production cars “FWDPC”) at the Nurburgring (7:40.1) has a fastest lap time at Suzuka of 2:25.45. The 2023 Type R prototype set the FWDPC record at Suzuka with a time of 2:23.12 - almost 2.5 seconds faster than...
  4. Honda Civic Type R Spied Back At Nurburgring Just Before June Debut

    Ask the great nostrahondas…. The ring record is next… https://www.motor1.com/news/585290/honda-civic-type-r-spied-track/amp/ Footage
  5. Honda Collaboration Adds Special Civic Type R TCR Entry To Mid-Ohio IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Race

    Super cool entry representing the type R at Mid Ohio. https://hondanews.com/en-US/honda-racing/releases/release-0d5860f808ceb9825e662cfd5a06cbcf-honda-collaboration-adds-special-civic-type-r-tcr-entry-to-mid-ohio-imsa-michelin-pilot-challenge-race
  6. Official: 2023 Civic Type R To Be Revealed In June

    2023 Honda Civic Type R To Be Revealed In June: Official The next-generation Civic Type R was spied for the first time back in May 2020 but it wasn't until October 2021 when Honda teased the hot hatch. We've seen quite a few official previews since then, and now we finally know when that red...
  7. All New Honda Civic Type R Prototype to Make U.S. Debut At Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

    Hot off the press!! https://hondanews.com/en-US/releases/release-724b93915d250d191d87ac8fba092551-all-new-honda-civic-type-r-prototype-to-make-us-debut-at-mid-ohio-sports-car-course?selectedTabId=release-724b93915d250d191d87ac8fba092551-photos
  8. Type R Release Date

    Let’s make this fun y’all.
  9. Late Development Speculation

    With the record breaking lap time announced a month after the fact and reveal this summer….what are they refining right now? Speculation welcome. Have to think that the R is ready unless Honda is adding a few late game changes?