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  1. Raiti's Ride preview of the 2023 Civic Type R prototype (close-up walkaround)

    Yeah for it to have 350hp and to only beat the previous gen on Suzuka by a tenth of a second means that they made handling worse and traded it off for raw power or they just fine tuned the car. With that much more HP the lap time should be at least 1 second lol
  2. FL5 Type R chassis code confirmed? w/ close up look - from Hondaprojason

    Anybody know the the naming convention behind FL5? Kinda weird to jump from FK8 to FL5
  3. 2023 Civic Type R Full Reveal Coming July 20!

    How does he know this? There was some article that stated it should be revealed in June
  4. 2023 Civic Type R Spy Shots (Compiled June 23)

    Same, Im really excited to hear what people say about the cooling with the new redesigned grille and hood. From what I gathered one of the problems with the overheating with the FK8 was more of getting hot air out than getting air in. The heat extractors on the hood look really clean and the...
  5. 2023 Civic Type R Spy Shots (Compiled June 23)

    Probably a stupid question but Im guessing these are the final wheel design? Any thoughts on if they will be gloss black or matte black? I love glossy black wheels because of the shine that they give off, but all of the pictures I've seen the wheels look really dirty. I have matte black wheels...
  6. 2023 Civic Type R Crash Test Vehicles Spotted on Transport (Grey and Black in Color), Revealing Rear Fascia and Exhaust

    You know how it stacks up compared to the outgoing CTR? Not sure if its because of the angle but the whole exhaust looks different
  7. 2023 Civic Type R Crash Test Vehicles Spotted on Transport (Grey and Black in Color), Revealing Rear Fascia and Exhaust

    If it was me I'd jump out the car and rip off that covering at a red light 😅
  8. Type R Record at the Ring?

    Agree, not bashing what they did. I was just unfamiliar with the car since its not something thats available here in the US, so I had no idea it was some type of hardcore one off track car, and not a regular tuned up sports car. I was impressed with the time but the car is on a completely...
  9. Type R Record at the Ring?

    Yeah really wouldn't hold the Megane record in such high regard when you find out what Renault did to achieve the time. The car had carbon fiber wheels, rear seat delete, carbon ceramic brakes, lightweight bucket seats, carbon fiber hood, and a titanium exhaust. They only sold ~100 of the one...
  10. HPD Honda Performance Offering Race Ready 2022 Honda Civic Si for $55K

    SRO TCA racing. Its like the GT3 series but for less powerful street cars. Personally I would love to get one of these if I had the resources for a dedicated track car. I like it way better than the Miata Cup Car. The consumables and upkeep on this would be insanely low and it would be so fun...
  11. New Official Video: 2023 Civic Type R Flat Out on the Nürburgring Nordschleife

    Bro, Honda still trolling with the camo 🤣 I just cant anymore 😂😂
  12. New 2023 Civic Type R On-Road Footage (Night-time highway driving)

    This somehow looks better than the other images :)
  13. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    That's fair. I can see it being a shock if you aren't expecting it. There's just so many white cars on the road with the basic white color scheme so it's nice to see something unique. Boost Blue is the other favorite of mine, I wish is was more of a lighter hue like sky blue but its nice...
  14. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    Its probably the only white other than Wimbledon white which is not a pure white. The Wimbledon white on GT350 Heritage Editions is more beige than CW (haven't seen both in person side by side for a comparison) based off of the colors but still I have yet to see any other manufacturer offer a...
  15. Waitlist / Deposit for 2023 Civic Type R at Dealers

    Does anybody know what was the most popular color for the previous gen? I want CW as well. I always thought it was the most common color
  16. 2023 Civic Type R Pictures @ Nurburgring/Street Driving

    Thing is though that is the track variant. Having A/C and infotainment is a joke in a track varaint car. Most of the cars today are track esque vehicles and mostly its just marketing. There are a few times when manufacturers do produce the real deal, but most people do not want something that...
  17. New Type R Video Footage (Closeups!)

    Seriously. Honda is just trolling us at this point, its honestly a joke. If Japan is really about to start orders next month then this has to be the longest camo'd up car I have ever seen.