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Search results

  1. List of TSBs?

    I know of 22-006 (sensors) and 22-008 (cruise control). Are there any other TSBs published for the 2022 Civic?
  2. Navigation - Online Services Expired (2 weeks old car)

    I have a Sport Touring hatchback, and in the Navigation, I'm seeing "Expired" on the Online Services setting page. If true, I think this means I won't get any traffic alerts or other online services. Wrote to Honda, but it's such a new car they'll probably say "See the dealer" :(...
  3. Two navi questions - 3D perspective view missing and "Online Services?

    Two questions regarding my '22 Touring Sport (hatch) 1. I don't seem to be able to put the navigation into 3d mode (perspective). I only can toggle between North and Direction of Travel. The navi manual says there should be 3 options (North/Direction of Travel/3D (perspective), but I'm...
  4. How to open the hatch/trunk from inside car?

    Other than using the remote, is there a way to open the hatch/trunk from inside the car? I know it's a dumb question, but I can't find the button that does the trick.
  5. Just purchased a Hatch Sport Touring CVT in "boost blue"

    I drove from metro Philly to metro Pittsburgh today to purchase a Civic Hatch Sport Touring in boost blue. Every dealer in Philly was at least $3800 over sticker, and I found one in PGH for MSRP. Drove out this morning to trade my '16 Civic Coupe Touring - got a fair price for it. Got in...