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Search results

  1. (PRL pipe sold)/OEM Si stuff

    Selling a few things. PayPal only please. PM me for details. Will ship out immediately, but leaving town January 4th-15th. (SOLD) new prl Frontpipe for Civic Si, never installed (only 1 gasket included, probably will have to purchase the accessory kit with the bolts and gaskets from PRL, or...
  2. Just bought my Acuity Short Shifter

    Can't wait to install it! Question: does it come with all of the things I need for an optimum shifting experience? I bought a shift boot collar as well. But do I need any of the bushings or springs Acuity sells as well, or should I be ok? Or is there anything else I should consider...
  3. Stock Si Exhaust: Free (Pickup only, Las Vegas)

    PM for details. Just took it off my car. Free for pickup. I'll probably hold onto it for a month or so before I take it to get recycled. THIS EXHAUST SYSTEM DOES NOT INCLUDE THE STOCK DOWNPIPE OR FRONTPIPE. She is big and heavy. Could maybe fit in a Civic with the backseats down and trunk...