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  1. What's in the Box (Heat Sink)??? FL5 Turbo Inlet Pipe Uncovered.

    Might be used to direct air towards to the hood extraction vent
  2. 316 HP / 310 lb-ft Power Figures Leaked For FL5 2023 Civic Type! (via Brochure)

    I can with 100% confidence tell you the FL5 will wipe the floor with our car. There's literally no way Honda made this thing slower with the additional cooling, 5+ years of chassis suspension development, and the new tire package.
  3. Things we've spotted from the Type R videos

    No issues with my FK8 either Back on topic! So far it seems EDM + CDM = heated seats USDM + JDM = no heated seats. Next question is what markets get Bose.
  4. Things we've spotted from the Type R videos

    I'm like 85% sure the the transmission is essentially the same as the FK8 + slightly reinforced hears for the extra 10 HP + lighter flywheel + rev matching to 1st gear.
  5. Video: Engine start and exhaust sounds on FL5 Civic Type R (2023+)

    I don’t think any FK8 had heated seats regardless of market
  6. Video: Engine start and exhaust sounds on FL5 Civic Type R (2023+)

    It’s missing from the JDM configurator though https://www.honda.co.jp/CIVICTYPE-R/configurator/
  7. Video: Engine start and exhaust sounds on FL5 Civic Type R (2023+)

    Anyone got a screen cap of the supposed heated seats?
  8. GVWR Weight = 3968 LBS. And 2023 Civic Type R Will Be Made in Japan! 🇯🇵

    Explains why Canada (and potentially the U.S) are getting so few allocations.
  9. OFFICIAL: 2023 Civic Type R Reveal Photos, Wallpapers & Videos

    I have a feeling they've moved production over to Japan, especially with this LHD model being made there with federal stickers. Would also explain the low Canadian (and potentially American) allocations.
  10. Greensburg plant employee doesn't even know if the Type R will be made there.

    RHD production is in Japan last I heard. If they moved all production to Japan it would explain why Canada gets so few cars ……
  11. ....

    The title literally says "In Canada"
  12. 2023 Civic Type R - Rear seat configuration

    Probably going to be 4 seats total. Honda reduces it on Type R for tradition and the weight limits with a heavier car IIRC.
  13. Wireless Apple CarPlay audio delay

    Carlinkit adapter on my 2030, and a 2018 4 series with it built in did the same