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  1. 2022 Touring For Sale

  2. 2022 Touring For Sale

    You can also email me @ [email protected]
  3. 2022 Touring For Sale

    I didn't see a For Sale section in the forums. Thought I'd offer it to the Civic community first. I live in south central TN. 2022 Touring, Platinum White Peal sedan. 3000 miles. No smoking, garaged. Perfect condition. Oh, and I replaced those crappy Goodyear tires with Bridgestone...
  4. One Week of Ownership

    Great review. I've owned my Touring now for about 2 months/2000 miles and I agree with most of your assessment. I too owned a GenX EXL (2020) that was a very nice car, but was so impressed with the 2022 that I traded. I like the new look. The 1.5 feels about the same to me but I definitely...
  5. Why is ordering/buying so difficult?

    Congrats on finding your daughters new Civic. She's a lucky girl. I see you're in Savannah. My wife is a Savannah native and we visit family there when we can. Good luck to you and enjoy!
  6. 2022 Civic vs Accord 1.5T Drag and Roll Race - on Extra Throttle House

    The video was cute and even though drag racing my new Civic is the last thing I care about, I was glad to see it isn't a total turd next to the Accord. What's more important to me is the overall driving experience which is very good.
  7. Which color is best?

    If all the colors were sitting in front of me I probably would have picked the Sonic Grey Pearl. My second choice would have been the Meteoroid Grey Metallic but only the Platinum White Pearl was on the lot at the time (one EX and one Touring). I probably should have been patient and waited for...
  8. Does Honda Really Use a Break-In oil?

    Thanks WC. I called Amsoil and spoke with their tech department also. They told me to run the Honda oil down to 15% then go with Amsoil 0w-20 going forward. They said it wouldn't hurt changing the filter once during that factory fill so I'll probably do that around the 1000 mile mark. They...
  9. First 2022 Civic in State Farms Database

    Stopped off at my agents office to transfer insurance from my old Civic to the new. They did not show a 2022 Civic in their database yet. I was asked what the MSRP was on the sticker and trim and of course the VIN number. I thought that was funny.
  10. Does Honda Really Use a Break-In oil?

    I was contemplating my 1st oil & filter change around 500 miles and using Amsoil Signature Series 0w20 for the life of the engine. Going forward I would use the OLM down to 15-20%. Not sure if that factory fill oil has to stay in there longer. I would think the engine if fully seated by 500...
  11. 2022 Civic Discounts

    MSRP for the Touring here. Dealership had one EX and one Touring. Both Platinum White Pearl. Built date was May in Canada. BTW, I asked when the next Touring was coming in and what color. There was only one on the books and it was grey with black interior. Seems the Touring will be few in my...
  12. Is it really worth it to step up to the Touring?

    Platinum White Pearl. Beautiful color.
  13. Is it really worth it to step up to the Touring?

    Hi, new to the forum. I just traded my 10th Gen EX-L for the new Touring. I originally wanted a Touring but none were available for 100 miles back then so I settled. My EX-L was a nice car but this new Touring just feels flat out more upscale and it handles better. I briefly looked at the EX...