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  1. 2022 Civic Si has matured with me

    Looks great and a nice story. The new Si is so practical with the 4 doors , lots of rear room and a big trunk. Fuel economy is fantastic, the engine torque and short gearing makes it feel like no other NA Si , I think it puts more power to the wheels than past Si's too, despite the...
  2. What Mpg you getting?

    My Si gets those same numbers on straight highway driving, at 70 mph, 2700 rpms.
  3. What's in the Box (Heat Sink)??? FL5 Turbo Inlet Pipe Uncovered.

    It really has a valve cover like design to it with the shape and use of the large bolts, and like it has an outer seal running around the circumference. It must open up to reveal something, just what is anyone's guess. They would not have gone to all of those design features to have it be...
  4. Any of you “downgrading” to get into an FL5?

    My S2000 was an Ap1, they suffered from snap oversteer due to suspension geometry. In the hands of a professional and track guru they are fine, I never wanted to push mine to the cornering limit and I never wanted my son to drive it. It could bite if you got into the wrong situation...
  5. Civic Si discontinued?

    this may be the last generation but no one really seems to know, not even the dealers. When they cancelled the Subaru STi the dealers were the last ones to know. Companies are reacting to many variables in the market these days from sky high fuel costs, inflation, parts shortages, supply...
  6. Factory OEM Si / Sport wheel + tire weight combined = 51.4 lbs

    Yeah oem wheels are lead weights, really heavy. My Fast FC-04 rims are under 19 lbs, same size as stock, made a big difference on the car, oem rims are close to 32 lbs
  7. FL5 Type R surprise showing at Wisconsin EAA

    I guess a tune on that engine can really wake it up for those who want more power, I hope Hondata works their magic on it, I wouldn't trust any other.
  8. Any of you “downgrading” to get into an FL5?

    Maybe you should test drive an FK8 if you can find someone that has one or possibly a dealer. A lot of people are super sensitive to the fwd vs rwd spec. It really doesn't bother me as I've driven RWD , FWD , AWD vehicles all my life and the difference is not worth me thinking about it, but...
  9. GVWR Weight = 3968 LBS. And 2023 Civic Type R Will Be Made in Japan! 🇯🇵

    My source is some guy in this thread. If the gross vehicle weight is up chances are that the curb weight will be up too, as max. payload weight won't likely change by much. But at the end of the day I really don't care so yeah whatever. The numbers on power output aren't even known...
  10. What's in the Box (Heat Sink)??? FL5 Turbo Inlet Pipe Uncovered.

    There has to be a serviceable part within that box, they would not use those bolts for a decorative plate. They could have used rivets or adhesive if it was not meant to be opened, those bolts were meant to be opened and closed if needed for some reason. They are a pretty good sized bolt, so...
  11. Journalist Press Drives for FL5 2023 Civic Type R Underway

    those cars have alcantara steering wheels the production model pics are regular leather.
  12. GVWR Weight = 3968 LBS. And 2023 Civic Type R Will Be Made in Japan! 🇯🇵

    Some of that extra weight is going to negate the extra power gains, so maybe a tad faster only. First thing I would do is to change those wheels , putting lighter wheels on my Si was very noticeable, it felt like gaining more power just from a weight reduction.
  13. Any of you “downgrading” to get into an FL5?

    I try to explain this to people all the time. I owned a Honda S2000 for 9 years, but I only drove it at 8/10ths most of the time, I would never take it to its limits as it would bite hard if it got squirrely. I can drive my FWD Civic Si at 10/10ths and not worry about it at all, so at the...
  14. What's in the Box (Heat Sink)??? FL5 Turbo Inlet Pipe Uncovered.

    I keep asking myself, why does it have to be bolted in place ? What purpose does it have being a removable plate ? It could have been a solid cast piece instead of a bolt-on plate, to make it much more simpler, so the piece is more technical than what it appears to be. I think there is...
  15. What's in the Box (Heat Sink)??? FL5 Turbo Inlet Pipe Uncovered.

    It could be a heat sink, it might also have some directional vanes under it to smooth air flow ? I also think it will deflect water that may enter the hood in adverse conditions, controlling water to a place where they want it to dump. It looks good too.
  16. First Si maintenance - ripoff?

    Well try to learn it yourself , it is pretty easy to do. The brake calipers slide back and forth on slider pins, just try to keep them lubricated so they don't bind up. You could easily go every 2 years if needed too.
  17. Seiko Astron Type R watch

    Not enough references to the CTR from what I can see, a few markings here or there doesn't justify the cost, looks like a basic watch to me, it doesn't scream Type R ?
  18. First Si maintenance - ripoff?

    It is good practice to take the brakes apart and lube the slide pins once per year, that is good preventative maintenance to reduce calipers from sticking. I think it is a bit early for your car as I doubt it is 12 months old already ? I would do the work myself as I have in the past. It...
  19. GVWR Weight = 3968 LBS. And 2023 Civic Type R Will Be Made in Japan! 🇯🇵

    I like my cars built in Japan, I find the metal doesn't rust as quick, just my opinion though. Shipping time will add more delays though for N. American customers. I've got a WRX waiting there to be shipped to me and it takes some time for that. I wish Honda would have made some...