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  1. Civic Sedan Hybrid Preview from Thailand

    Like I've said in another topic. We also got a Hybrid version of 11th gen Civic but with Sedan body type instead of Hatchback The car was displayed at Bangkok Motor Show from March 23-April 3 and I had an opportunity to get in touch with it. Official pictures released by Honda Thailand...
  2. Civic Hybrid World Premiere

    Just saw the actual one at Bangkok Motor Show. We've got a sedan here instead of hatch. Honda Thailand said it comes with 2.0L LFC2 powertrain (different from Hybrid Accord and CR-V, not sure if there's a change in total power output or not) Unfortunately I can't reach the car due to that area...
  3. Civic Sedan Hybrid? spotted testing in Thailand

    Someone in "Auto Debut Thailand" FB group spotted this Civic with "TC" license plate which is a special letter issued to manufacturers only The car was caught running at Nakhon Nayok, closed to both two Honda plants here at Ayutthaya and Prachinburi Judging from single side exhaust pipe...
  4. 2023 Civic Type R chassis code should be FL2

    Well, Honda's chassis code system is a little bit weird. Here are 3 examples. 1. Sometimes, just a little change for the engine can be resulting in a different code like 1.5-liter 10th gen Civic Hatchback has two chassis codes. FK4 and FK7, The first one (174hp) came with L15B7 engine and the...
  5. Chinese-spec Integra leaked... Actually it's just a revised 2022 Civic Sedan

    It seems like a Civic with just a different bumper, headlights and taillights. Not sure if the US model Integra Sedan will look like this, but the Chinese branch of Japanese car manufacturers is known for doing things that aren't related to other countries, and they're specialized for slapping...
  6. Civic Hatchback chassis code FL1

    FL1 for 1.5T model confirmed. Source from spec sheet in Japanese official site. https://www.honda.co.jp/CIVIC/common/pdf/civic_spec_list.pdf
  7. 2022 Honda Civic Sedan gets Aftermarket Parts Overhaul (Coilovers, Endless BBK, Volk CE28, Recaro Seats)!!!!

    RS-R Best-i strut and RS-R Ti2000 spring for 10th gen Civic. They said it can be fitted into 11th gen without any modification.
  8. 2022 RHD Civic Sedan unveiled in Thailand: RS-trim, Black & Red interior, Dual chrome exhaust tips, Modulo parts

    Official website: https://www.honda.co.th/civic For full brochure here: https://www.honda.co.th/uploads/catalogs/Honda Civic_Catalogue-Aug-2021.pdf *Note that Modulo parts are optional packages and the example was shown equipped on lower-trim EL/EL+ car