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Search results

  1. Confirmed: 2022 Honda Civic Si is Sedan only. Deliveries begin in November

    It does say the 2022 model, not beyond that… ?
  2. Official: 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Revealed! Specs, Info, Pics & Video

    Are there pics of what the models look like? lx, sport, ex-L, touring?
  3. Official: 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Revealed! Specs, Info, Pics & Video

    Has anyone seen the new purple color yet?
  4. Honda Confirms 2022 Civic Si Will Be Sedan Only

    If no Si hatchback is true, then it looks like I’m gonna go get a truck like everyone else in Texas :)
  5. In-Studio Look at 2022 Civic Hatchback & Versus Sedan

    Kinda wish they had a panoramic roof option ??‍♂️
  6. 2022 Civic HATCHBACK Rear First Revealed Look!

    Ehh......Need a better view
  7. 11th gen Civic Si spotted by TFLcar

    Ehh....if no Si hatch I’ll wait to see if the ST has a 6MT and if I like that overall look. If not I’ll look at the Elantra gt’s
  8. The "Should there be an Si hatch" Poll

    Hopefully it is just a delayed release /:
  9. 11th Gen Civic Trims & Specs from Honda Canada ??

    I hope this is a SI hatch just being kept secret
  10. All-New 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Teased Ahead of Global Debut on June 23!

    Still waiting on what the Si will look like and if it comes in a hatch as well
  11. Have a 2022 Civic Touring: Ask Me Anything! ??‍♂️

    One feature that I hoped they kept was the split deck storage in the center console. And the little storage space on the sides of that
  12. Wheels Options and Technology Features Compared Between 2022 Civic Trims

    Kinda wish they kept the 2017-19 sport and/or Si rims as an option
  13. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    I liked the gt-n line cuz it was a 4 door hatch. And came with a 6MT
  14. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    Yea if I don’t like the hatchback, I’m gonna try to get into a gt-n line
  15. Si equipment

    I’d love to see another spy shot if the hatchback/Si again haha
  16. 2022 Civic Hatchback Spied Again With New Wheels, Less Camo

    Or perhaps an Si *fingers crossed*
  17. Release date guesses?

    I was told by my local Honda dealership the 2022 will be on the lot sometime may/June. Hatches in the fall
  18. Chances of an automatic?

    I just really hope the Si comes in a hatch...probably won’t, but I can hope haha
  19. Its Here! 2022 Honda Civic Sedan Official Pics, Videos and Specs

    Why do markets outside the US get fun stuff