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  1. Report: 11th Gen Civic Hatchback Premiers in July

    Oh dear god, my eyes. If this render is true, I'd take 100 sedans over this hatchback. And I'm not sold on the Sedan design at all yet.
  2. 2022 Civic Sedan Aegean Blue Metallic Spotted in Honda HQ Parking Lot.

    It's a nice looking car, but there's nothing unique that stands out to me. I looka t it the same way as I look at the newer corolla sedans. Just "meh". I feel like a lot of other companies (Hyundai) have done a good job at redesigning their vehicles. I feel like Honda took a step backwards here...
  3. ALL NEW GEN11 CIVIC SEDAN first real shot in the wild! ?

    I'm not feeling the 11th gen at all. I know I said something similar when the 10th gen came out (except the front end, I LOVED it), however the 10th gen platform grew on me quick, especially after seeing the aftermarket support available. The 11th gen just looks like your average commuter...
  4. Exclusive: 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Fully Revealed in Official Honda Patent Images

    You won't see any hybrid performance in a Civic Si. That would drive the cost way up and eliminate majority of that market. The only Civic that MAY get that kind of technology would be the Type R, but again, the cost would go up and a lot of the market and potential customers would dissipate to...
  5. Exclusive: 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Fully Revealed in Official Honda Patent Images

    The 2 door Civic has been discontinued due to poor sales, the last year of it is 2020. So there will only be a hatchback or Sedan to choose from for the 11th generation.
  6. Exclusive: 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Fully Revealed in Official Honda Patent Images

    The back tail lights kind of remind me of the Kia Stinger, minus the middle portion. I like that part. But that’s where it ends for me. Seeing this rendition of the 11th gen Civic has me disappointed. I will wait to see if they release an Si Hatchback and see how the car looks then in person...
  7. Invidia R400 Catback for 2017-2020 Si Sedan

    Invidia R400 Catback exhaust with Triple titanium burnt tips for the Civic Si Sedan. Attaches to front pipe, super easy to install if you have some jack stands and a driveway, easier if you have a lift! Had on the car less than a week, it’s still on the car actually until I get an appointment to...
  8. WTB Catback Exhaust for Civic Si (FC1)

    Bump, still looking. Updated OP.
  9. DNA Motoring Tail Lights for Civic Sedan

    Yes they are! Message me if you're interested.
  10. DNA Motoring Tail Lights for Civic Sedan

    I have my aftermarket tail lights for sale, they're from DNA Motoring. Had them on my car for just over a month and a half (still on, I have to take them off). Selling because I'm starting to miss the stock ones a bit, so I'm going to put my old ones back on. These will only work for a Civic...
  11. [WTB] SRI or 27WON CAI for Civic Si

    I did get a PRL SRI a while back from a local seller in Toronto. But I’m still open to looking for a 27WON CAI if someone has one in Canada. The guy above me we couldn’t make it happen since I wasn’t able to get to the other side of the border anytime soon. Do you have something?
  12. Feedback for gtman

    Recently purchased some Civic accessories from @gtman on the classified section. Everything was as described, packed everything nicely, and he was very flexible with the shipping options for myself. Honest and great guy. Don’t hesitate to buy from him!
  13. [WTB] SRI or 27WON CAI for Civic Si

    Sending you a PM.
  14. Traded in si sedan, ktuner v2 and maperformance street exhaust for sale

    He already said he's not shipping. I tried and so did others. Can't say I blame him, it's probably costly and risky. Hell of a deal though. If he was a few hours closer or if I had more time to spare, I'd make the drive to get it myself.
  15. Nice little cosmetic package for sale

    Are the sills used or new? If used, is there adhesive still on the back?
  16. WTB Catback Exhaust for Civic Si (FC1)

    Updated: May 6/2020 Hey guys, looking to possibly buy a catback exhaust. Looking at the Remark FC1 Exhaust or the MAPerformance Street Version. Preferably in Canada since borders are shut down and can't save on shipping fees from a lot of stores. Checking here for used before I buy new. If...
  17. [WTB] SRI or 27WON CAI for Civic Si

    Bump! Still looking!
  18. [WTB] SRI or 27WON CAI for Civic Si

    Bump. Edited OP and thread title. Still looking.