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  1. 316 HP / 310 lb-ft Power Figures Leaked For FL5 2023 Civic Type! (via Brochure)

    Doesn't the FK8 need more cooling vice more power on track? 🤷‍♂️
  2. This is it... 2023 Civic Type R Leaked on Honda Japan Website! 📸

    Looks very tastefully done. I like everything that they put in contrast black (especially the wing). And I like the restraint they showed by making nothing (other than badges) red. 👍
  3. ....

    I doubt any of the MSRP numbers tossed around in this thread are out of the realm of possibility. I think everyone needs to start bracing themselves and get ready to accept that only the people who are desperate for this car are going to be able to justify the price premium (either MSRP or...
  4. All New 2023 Civic Type R Sets New Suzuka Circuit Lap Record! 🏁

    Interesting Especially if the LE was on Cup 2s and the new R is on PS4S. "By nearly one second" is almost nothing over a 2:23 lap. But even breaking even is interesting given the difference in compound.
  5. 27WON Civic Si Time Attack Build

    Hmm, I think I understand the Unity Performance picture now. I guess the Unity picture really is comparing a 10th gen Si stock pad (top, EBC yellow) to a stock 11th gen Si pad (bottom). I can tell from the pad ears poking out of the caliper in your 3rd picture that the 11th gen stock pad is...
  6. 27WON Civic Si Time Attack Build

    Lots of good 10th Si stock caliper pictures in this thread: https://www.civicx.com/forum/threads/2017-si-upgraded-and-rebuilt-front-brakes-200.63760 A bunch of good 10th gen brake info here, which claims a Nissin stock caliper for the xgen Si...
  7. 27WON Civic Si Time Attack Build

    When you get around to checking, I just confirmed my 10th gen Si stock pad dimensions match this Hawk D1697 diagram
  8. 27WON Civic Si Time Attack Build

    The bottom pad in your picture is most likely a rear 10th gen pad. Would not be surprised if the 11th gen uses the same rear pad. Not sure what the EBC pad on top of your picture is. Ears look the same as a 10th gen Si pad, but the overall pad size looks much smaller than a 10th gen Si pad...
  9. 27WON Civic Si Time Attack Build

    Stock front rotor for the 22 Si sounds like it's the same size as the 10th gen at 312mm. I thought I remembered reading somewhere (can't find the source now) that the 22 caliper was different but would accept the same pads as the 10th gen Si (FMSI D1697, also used on the Accord Sport and RLX) ...
  10. ? First Video of 2023 Civic Type R Track Testing at Nurburgring!

    Sweet, glad to see they are out there properly hustling this thing around now. Had been kind of quiet on footage for a few weeks. But no fear, they are on it hard now!
  11. Everyone makes a guess of the new 2022 Si horsepower number!

    It's missing the fake vents vs 10th gen, so obviously it will be 195hp. (Easily rectified by red badges front & rear, back to 205 hp)
  12. Honda Teases 2022 Honda Civic Si Racing Model!!

    No interior, but also no cage. No brake cooling ducts up front. Stock/production looking exhaust. Street tires (200tw). And way more aero than would be allowed in the SRO TCA class. So this is probably more production Si than it is turn-key TCA HDP race car. Do any other 10th gen Si owners...
  13. Honda Teases 2022 Honda Civic Si Racing Model!!

    Looks like a Paragon branded BBK up front. And they use about a million different wheel/tire setups (jealous), some appear to be slicks and others are continental extremecontact force (200tw enduro). The picture below has some Titan7's. Definitely a lot of stuff on this car that is not going...

    10th gen Si owner sounding off, first Honda. Super excited that this exists at all. I'm sure the looks from the driver's seat on a sublime piece of road/track will be great. Hope this makes it in to showrooms given all the turmoil going on right now in the auto industry. It's a great time to...