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  1. Saw this chop on FB…CTR/ITS ??

    Someone did a bang up job photoshopping bc the type R body mixed with Teg….😳👍🏻 Im going on record… If Acura does an Integra Type-S that looks like this….I’m sold and F the new CTR 🤣🤣 just saying this is friggin beautiful!! …and Lunar Silver too??😱
  2. 2023 Type-R comes with K20C1 again!!!? Look inside…your thoughts?

    So I was watching more 2023 videos and saw this. Look close. It was at 13:47-13:50 of Raiti’s vid. I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere else…what do you think? Looks like C1 to me 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. New York FS: Ktuner v1.2

    Decided to sell my Ktuner V1.2 for $325/shipped. DM me if you’re interested.
  4. New York FS: OEM Type-R engine cover (fits LX & Sport)

    Obviously this applies to the CTR and the 2.0 n/a, as they share the same valve cover part number. It’s brand new, just opened for pic. Keep it red or paint it custom!🤷🏻‍♂️ Fitment: K20C1 (type R) K20C2 (LX, Sport) K20C4 (18+ Accord 2.0) K20C6 (21+ Acura TLX) Selling for $150/shipped Any...
  5. New York FS: Progress RSB 20.5mm

    I purchased this used 20.5mm Progress RSB from another member, but I never installed it. Decided to go a different route. (FYI: for size reference, the Type-R factory RSB is also 20.5, so any trim below that, this progress RSB is an upgrade) $100.00/flat for locals paying cash. Willing to...
  6. It fits!! Painted Boost Blue CTR engine cover (NEW pics inside! 6/16)

    So for starters, this is for RESEARCH purposes only and NO I’m not gonna rock a red Type-R engine cover on my 2.0 n/a sport. But fact is, if you wondered, you can!👍🏻 Working for Honda allows me the ability to try dumb things 🤣🤣 so here ya go! The 2.0 sport guys, it’s the same 4 oem bolts that...
  7. "Looks" like 2023 Si "may not" be getting new colors, AND losing HPT's...!?!? Maybe dropping color upcharge???

    So the 4 pictures below represent in this order: 1: 2022 Si model(s). 2. 2022 Si colors. 3. 2023 Si model. 4. 2023 colors. You'll notice the 2023 Si has a different model ID compared to the 2022 Si. You'll notice HPT is not there. You'll notice colors have not changed. You'll notice the $395...
  8. AEM X-Series OBD2 52mm gauge review.

    So I bought this new from Amazon and it came to $170~shipped. I was very excited for this on so many levels. 1 gauge to rule them all?? Well…maybe not. It did show a lot of useful information like Air/Fuel ratio, intake air temperature, engine rpm, battery voltage, fuel level, etc etc and so on...
  9. What’s your #1 Pet-Peeve??

    My number one most hated feature ahead of auto-idle-stop is this damn reminder screen at every startup...
  10. 2.0L Ktuner // my ECU

    I have a v1.2 on the way, and just took pics of my ECU. Based on Ktuner website, looks like my ECU doesn’t fall within that range. I recently emailed Ktuner to ask if someone could check if my VIN was supported. Instead I was advised to check the site for the supported ECU list. Which brings...
  11. New toys from AeroFlow Dynamics for 11th gen Civic! (front splitter lip, sideskirts, rear diffuser)

    A friend sent me this link. Some new body related stuff for the world to enjoy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pricing isnt horrible either… https://www.aeroflowdynamics.com/collections/2022-honda-civic
  12. New York OEM Honda oil filters!!! “The 5 Pack”

    Posting this here only, if anyone is interested, I have 5 oem Honda filters and crush washers for sale. Shipping is free anywhere in the lower 48. Will not ship beyond that. $39.99 flat, shipped to your door. Lmk via PM ???
  13. 2.0L My custom “axle-back” // Muffler Delete on my 2.0 hatchback.

    Some may like, some may not, but I’m loving it! ?? It was my day off so I stopped at my local parts store, got some pieces, and got to cutting! This was extremely easy and bolt-on. I only had to drill one hole for the rubber hanger. Cost me about $40 bucks in parts, and about 2 hours of my own...
  14. My suspension/brakes build…starting with TEIN

    I just pulled the trigger on the Tein S-Tech springs from eBay which happened to be the cheapest price I was able to find. Came to $221.46 after tax, and free shipping. I try to avoid eBay as much anymore bc it’s flooded with nonsense, but I felt confident here. Can’t argue with THAT much...
  15. Issue using spacers on the sport and touring wheels…???

    I took this picture at work today of a sport wheel, and noticed the hub recess’s are very shallow. Looks to be less than 1/4” inch I know in some cases, the oem lugs poke thru past the spacer and sits in these recessed slots. Anyone running spacers and had any issues? If so, what size spacer...
  16. New York Closed...Sold

    I already have these on my car, so I’m selling my 2nd set of BNIB OEM black H’s. Local pickup $50 (Long Island) Shipped for $60 Paypal only! Thx for looking ???
  17. Black Emblem Day!!! (Pics inside)

    So I bought some more stuff from work today! Full black emblems, but I’ve already installed the oem black H’s weeks ago. Had to re-buy the kit bc I messed up the first “civic” emblem. Now I’ll install the civic and sport and luckily for someone here who just wants the H’s….I’ll be making a FS...
  18. SB 22-006: 2022 Hatchback Sport Touring 6MT & CVT software update for Parking Sensors

    Honda just released a software update for a moisture issue on the 2022 hatchback sport touring on cvt and 6mt only.