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  1. FL5 Type R surprise showing at Wisconsin EAA

    Man, that white FL5 is sure touring the states.
  2. Any of you “downgrading” to get into an FL5?

    So you're pretty much saying since the Evo is 2003 and my Type R is 2020 then it's an upgrade (apples to apples). How about a 97" R34 to a 2023 FL5? Upgrade or downgrade?
  3. Any of you “downgrading” to get into an FL5?

    Technology wise, yes its an upgrade but my Evo feels much stronger taking off the line because of the AWD system.
  4. PHEV Hybrid FL5 Civic Type R is possible

    They better hurry up if they are going to do it. California might/are going to ban the sale of ICE vehicles by 2035. We(California) always starts shit up and other states follow.
  5. What's in the Box (Heat Sink)??? FL5 Turbo Inlet Pipe Uncovered.

    It's a Honda engineered air flow cooling system. Yes it connects to the turbo BUT on the cool side of the turbo. Imagine you install a PRL cold intake or any aftermarket cold intake system plus the "skillet" looking cooling system Honda put, then going through the intercooler and tweek the...
  6. Any of you “downgrading” to get into an FL5?

    I feel I kinda downgraded when I bought my FK8 coming from the EVO 8, which I still have. But my FK8 is a little more fun to drive especially the turning ration and hey,......it's a Type R, which I always wanted ever since. Now debating if I should get the FL5 and finish my collection.
  7. Things we've spotted from the Type R videos

    NO. I mean 1 housing but broken in 3 different section. Look at the JDM 90's Integras.
  8. 340 horsepower for 2022-2023 Civic Type R ?

    You forgot to add, maybe the driver was lighter.🤔
  9. Things we've spotted from the Type R videos

    The only thing I noticed in one of the many videos is that the headlights are 3 parts. It looks like the outer are the headlights, the most inner are driving/fog lights and in the middle are the high beams.
  10. 2023 Civic Type R Waitlist / Deposit / Reservations List - Check in here!

    Is that 326 hp US? Because I know in different countries the FK8 had different HP due to the gas they have.
  11. Things we've spotted from the Type R videos

    I noticed they took away the fog lights. Now it seems they are intergrated into the headlights like the old school Integras. Also, but not sure, it seems on one video, they had a regular gas cap instead on the usually. Maybe it was just the display one they were letting people vlog about. I...
  12. Is the Civic Type R only coming with 6 spd manual and no automatic or DCT?

    Well If this becomes the last of the Type R, since a lot of countries are going electric, they might just do it on the last year of production. Like the LE version.
  13. 2023 Type-R comes with K20C1 again!!!? Look inside…your thoughts?

    Correct. It connects on the intake side of the turbo. Hello
  14. Video: 2023 Type R Individual Mode Settings Menu -- Engine, Steering, Suspension, Sound, Rev Match, Meter

    These are some of the reasons I am very very much thinking of getting this car. I like how you can customize the drive settings and the gauge cluster when in "R" mode. I really hate the throttle response on my FK8 in comfort mode.
  15. 2023 Type-R comes with K20C1 again!!!? Look inside…your thoughts?

    I think that "skillet" box in front of the engine is some Honda engineered "cooling air intake" system. Cooler air, tweek the ecu and more power.
  16. Don’t Pay Markups

    You can probably get it close to MSRP if you wait a few years when it kinda dies down like the FK8 came out in 2017 and I bought a brand new 2020 FK8. I only paid 1k over instead of some people paying 5k+ when it first came out and it was a local dealer. I didn't have to buy out of state and...
  17. 2023+ (FL5) Type R bolt pattern

    That's my set up on the FK8 but went with a 35 to cover the gap a little until I lower it.
  18. OFFICIAL: 2023 Civic Type R Reveal Photos, Wallpapers & Videos

    Been seeing a lot of videos on the '23 Type R. It kinda reminds me of an Audi S3 on how it slopes toward the back. Honda really went to the old ways of how the Type R looks. Not to aggressive styling like the FK8. Usually Type Rs just has little exterior enhancments. I do love the cluster in...
  19. 2023 Type-R comes with K20C1 again!!!? Look inside…your thoughts?

    I have a feeling that big "skillet" on the intake cools the air coming in and Honda tweek the ecu to get more power.